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I don't know if apron is still popular? I love wearing apron when I cook or bake back when I lived at home. Now, as a married woman I don't cook as often because my husband is a chef. Not an official chef but he's good enough to be one. One of my summer resolution starting this month is to be more creative in the kitchen. With that said, I'm looking for an apron with pockets! I know apron don't have to be expensive or stylish but it's an investment if I will be using it for a long time. I'm also considering to get one for my husband. He has several white t-shirts stained because of cooking.
Feed Apron in Denim - $29 The quality, detail, and fabric matches my style. In addition, West Elm partnered with Feed, so each apron purchased, the organization will donate 14 meals to families in need.
It's difficult to find aprons that has multiple pockets and a pen insert, so when this apron immediately caught my attention. For the price, I think it's worth it. I am now torn between the
Adelia Apron - $28 This one has no pockets but the design and cut is so beautiful! I remember seeing a lace detail apron two years ago by the same brand. That is one shopping regret I have till this day. I shouldn't hesitate to get that apron when I had the chance. It's so hard finding aprons that looks this pretty. The only thing that is pulling me back is there is pocket.
So, Vingle fam, I need some advice. Which one(s) should I get or should I wait it out?
@Scheherashared @Jaileejailee @jazziejazz Thanks guys =) I think I'll purchase the first one (for my husband) and third one (for myself). I'm not sure how to add pockets to the white apron but I will figure it out! Thanks again guys! You're the best!
loving apron #3! let us know how you like it...I may have to get this for myself :)
they all are very adorable and stylish! specially the first one..馃槂
I'm really in for the first apron shown. It's cool. Simple yet classy. And I'm taking just right... But if you decide to go with the last choice, you could always add pockets...
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