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I have seriously been neglecting my babies!
I have missed them so much without realizing I haven't paid much attention to them since ikon completely took over! I can't believe si went this long without my babies.
I know I shouldn't beat myself up over it, but ugh I feel so horrible about it they were my favorite for years!
I still love these dorks so much I just need to pay more attention to them!
They are still a really big part of my heart though I will never forget all the years they had my heart as #1.
I miss them too 😭
I miss them so much😭😥
Same! They're my first kpop loves. I do feel a lil guilty about EXO and BTS stealing me away but nothing will ever change infinite's place in my heart ♡
ughhhhh this was and still is me when ss501 was my unlitmate group but then big bang started to come and 😡 and now bts came and destroyed everything! 😢
they are suppose to have a comeback this summer
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