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If you haven't taken the time to watch "Tanaka-kun is Always Listless" (even after my last urging to do so), I really, really think you should. This show isn't action packed or high-energy, but it's the kind of simple humor that we all need in our lives.
The direction, the music, the awkward pauses.....the animation, the laziness....It's just all so hilarious & perfect! We can really relate to all the characters, because we all have lazy days. We all have energetic days. We have it all!
The animation is just SO funny. It doesn't look cheap, but it's funny and just makes me chuckle every single time. And the transitions (like the one above) are GENIUS!


This video has spoilers in it, but it does a great job of giving you hints of the hilariousness, so if you don't mind being a little spoiled to get a feel for the show, check this out!

Check it out: you won't regret it!

i got into it because of u. its really funny
@deilig AHHH yay!! I'm so glad you like it ^-^
Alright. thanks you @ChrisStephens & @hikaymm
@normabm7 yep @ChrisStephens got it right! :D
@normabm7 Tanaka-kun is always listless
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