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Commodity Inspection / Cargo Survey
AIM Control always protect high client’s right on cargo inspection on quality and quantity commodity, reducing risk of loss arising to the purchased/ merchandised parties involved.
Cargo Inspection conducted during production of cargo, delivery of cargo, loading operation of cargo, transportation, receipt of cargo, discharging of cargo, transfer and storage operations of cargo to importers/ buyers/ receiver. AIM Control has provided professional cargo inspection services long time, having started. AIM Control is also a member of IFIA* and performs inspection services to global industry standards and other recognized criteria.
Under global and network of laboratories and experts, we can offer you a full range of cargo inspection services to undertaking ensure the cleanliness and safety of shipment of cargo at every time and everywhere.
From seller’s premises to receiver’s warehouse, from pre-shipment to export, our cargo inspections are control all of stages and monitor your goods on voyage of the transportation process.
AIM Control’s independent inspections and cargo inspection reports provide documentation for any risk assessments, damage investigations, verification for due diligence as well as evidence of regulatory compliance at local and international standards and rules as well terms of contract.
With our cargo inspection, you can just drink coffee just track your goods!
With our cargo survey, client cam received results of inspection via real-time
With our cargo inspection, always protect your rights
With our cargo inspection, you can order of inspection around the world.
With our cargo inspection, the support of our comprehensive network of independent testing facilities we are able to offer certificates that are trusted for client’s integrity
See more our cargo inspection will be brought what to you
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