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In Vietnam Agriculture - Industry - Marine Survey & Inspection Group of Companies
In Vietnam Agriculture - Industry - Marine Survey & Inspection Group of Companies:
We are Inspection Vietnam Joint Stock Company's expertise addresses the main office and a branch in HCMC, Vietnam mostly in provinces throughout the Countries of Global.
Inspectors and Appraisers import and export goods of Vietnam's inspection companies have a degree from a university or higher, with specialized inspection certificate for each type of export goods that customers require expertise. Each expert inspection inspection services making imported goods they must be at least 10 years experience.
Salaries and bonuses for our assessors, inspectors, surveyors and experts are also very high, with shares and their interests in the company. They always improve professional training and they always work and think like owners of the company to demonstrate loyalty to the company, honest to customers.
In addition, the certificate of our expertise is recognized not only in the country and in countries around the world but also a lot of private traders used worldwide.
What is the inspection of goods?
As an international trade agreement (or domestic) is signed, the parties have signed the contract specifies very closely and their rights in the content. However, the process of implementation of the contract must go through a period of stages of production, packaging, delivery, transportation to buildings, warehouses, factories ... should always potential risks. Therefore, despite eliminating subjective factors is commercial fraud, the goods do not match the contract, ... are still many external factors affecting the interests of the party and make some things Terms of the deal were not fully implemented eg. untimely delivery, delivery is not enough, the volume of deliveries, or type-specification, quality, etc ...
On the other hand, wants the goods to be transferred from the seller to the buyer must go through several stages: transport, forwarding, handling, etc ... These processes often result in lost goods or affect quality . Whenever the above problem occurs, inevitably lead to trade disputes between the buyer to the seller or between the purchaser and the seller to third parties.
When there is a dispute or complaint occurred, buyers, sellers often based on expertise certificates of an independent inspection organization neutrality, unrelated to the interests of the parties as an important legal evidence to solve. In many cases, certificates of inspection was the legal evidence to claim a third party if the goods are damaged. In addition, inspection certificate is also the basis for international payments. So, we can say the inspection is an important factor indispensable in international trade field.
Your benefits
For government
• Control issues of food safety, product quality ...
• Determine the specifications, quality and quality of the goods comply with the regulations and standards issued
For Businesses
• Make sure the volume and number of practice (other norms either) of goods,
• Respond promptly and to protect the interests of the business when the incident, or the dispute in the purchase process ...
• Our results cargo inspection as an independent third party can be used to support work actively for sale.
Some types of inspection services to import export goods:
Inspection goods imported (or exported goods inspection and inspection of imported goods) is the inspection and certification of the goods lien on the needs of specific customer needs, including:
Inspections of exports: 02 types of goods inspection is the most popular export goods quality inspection and inspection of export quantity of exported goods.
Inspection of imported goods: there are 03 types of imported goods expertise is most common assessment of the quality and quantity of imported goods, customs clearance inspection and assessment of imports of goods imported complaints.
In addition, appraisers imported goods also have other specific requirements such as: assessing origin, status, condition lien goods, inspection and certification of safety lashing oversized cargo into containers and A renowned transport methods, assessment disputes, complaints and export goods lost due to damaged, deficient or improper content stipulated in the sales contract, by units shipped, loading and unloading, to the restaurant, synchronized assessment for imported goods customs inspection import unloading, bulk mass appraisal method draft ships, cargo insurance expertise maritime. . .
So required inspection fees for imported goods How much is reasonable? job evaluation and certification related how the prestige? and provide expertise addresses import and export goods. This article will share with you the concerns above.
Expertise of import and export goods reputation. Competitive cost?
In addition, the certificate of our expertise is recognized not only in the country and in countries around the world but also a lot of private traders used worldwide.
Where else, if you are a customer needs more counseling on issues related to service requests Inspection import and export goods, as well as requirements of different types of expertise, welcome to contact us to your advice conscientious, enthusiastic and free.
With our cargo inspection, you can just drink coffee just track your goods!
With our cargo survey, client cam received results of inspection via real-time
With our cargo inspection, always protect your rights
With our cargo inspection, you can order of inspection around the world.
With our cargo inspection, the support of our comprehensive network of independent testing facilities we are able to offer certificates that are trusted for client’s integrity
Come to us for your requirements are met and protected and the rights of your brand and the safety of the community
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