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What God has cleansed, that call not you common. It is very hard to give up old beliefs. The Jews had always been taught, as part of their religion, that they must keep themselves separate from the Gentiles. It was hard for them to believe that Peter had done right in accepting the hospitality of a Roman. It was hard for Peter himself to become willing to visit Cornelius. It required a special divine vision to convince him that the old law was changed, and that now everybody was to be considered a brother. We need to learn to keep mind and heart ever open to receive the truth, even when it sweeps away our old beliefs. Peter, however, tells us what we should do. No distinction should be made any more among men, but to every one the love of Christ should be offered. We can love and help some more easily than others. But when we see one who needs us, we must never ask who it is. He is our neighbor, and we are to love him.
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