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Ok first we had the "I just smoked weed and I'm posing in an aesthetically pleasing way" Many of them had earrings on and....dayum were they good on them!!!! (I'm looking at you Kyungsoo ㄱ_ㄱ)


AND FINALLY!!! After God knows how long the Monster teaser pictures were released...and can I say one thing...I feel attacked, its only been two days since they started releasing stuff and I can barley handle it...Anyway lets get to the point..LIP RINGS!!! Their brooding stares coupled with dark makeup and lip rings is the death of me...Honestly this comeback is gonna wreck me and they've only released teaser pictures
PS Does anyone else think Kyungsoo looks like Kim Hyun Joong during Unbreakable and Yixing looks like Edward Scissorhands??? No??? Well then nevermind...I think I need some sleep...
Guys just thought of this.... What if the concept is like abuse. Like there is no doubt they look high in the lucky one XD And maybe the monster is them getting way to absorbed
Lucky One isn't really my style, but Monster definetly is!! They all look so awesome and evil and dark!!!!! Ahhhh my ovaries can't handle this!!!!! cx Ahhhhhh I could barely handle the BTS comeback and now EXO!?!??!?! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Hold up is Lay a priest?????? OMFG I KNEW THIS DAY WOULD COME Lol the first pic of Lay goes with a bunch of weed memes XD
I'm going to write a vamp. fanfic for yixing...idk why lols
I never thought I would fangirl over Exo all over again but they look so damn fine!
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