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i cried......i cant believe namjoon said those things. i cant believe someone told him to leave bangtan. this is too much. i want to give him a giant hug and write him letters everyday to tell him he is loved and we appreciate him.....i love you namjoon
I love them as wonderful extraordinary people rather than idols. I may have met them through being an idol but I see them as so MUCH more now.
I hearted it to show that my heart goes out to them. They are so much more than what they say about themselves.
first of all do we realize most of them are namjoon? OMO cries I love leader hyung..
I despise how much hate rapmon is getting. it's lowering his self esteem and it's making me me very sad bc he is at the top of my bias list and he is a very important part to bangtan. without him, it wouldn't exist. bighit probably would've scrapped the whole band if he hadn't stayed. I also hate how the other boys think low of themselves. Suga is just as good looking and important as Jungkook and V. Jimin has amazing vocals. V shouldn't think of himself as a trash can. hobi, you can't even imagine how important you guys are to us. these boys have changed my life and I don't even know what I would do if I hadn't watched dope in the first place. I wouldn't have some of my friends and I wouldn't be as outgoing as I am now. to all of bangtan, I want to say that each of you are important to the group and please never think low of yourself because to some, you are their sun on a rainy day❤️❤️❤️❤️
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