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i cried......i cant believe namjoon said those things. i cant believe someone told him to leave bangtan. this is too much. i want to give him a giant hug and write him letters everyday to tell him he is loved and we appreciate him.....i love you namjoon
I don't like when they put themselves down. Especially Namjoon, he is my bias and when he says things like that it makes me sad. Why would you think negatively about yourselves? Don't put yourselves down, V, Suga, Jungkook, Taehyung, Jin, Jimin and Namjoon, I love you all equally and all of you are amazing and talented and you guys make me smile everyday. Even when I'm really sad all I have to do is think of V's cute smile or the way Jin smiles or whenever Namjoon makes a silly face and it makes me smile, it makes my day, it makes me happy. I have a special place in my heart for Kpop idols and a more special place for you guys because without you, without your music and dancing I would never smile. I love everything about you guys, your smile, laugh, the way you pronounce different words because it's so cute. But when you guys say things like that it makes me sad, V you aren't trash, Jimin you can singing and your voice is wonderful, Suga you are an amazing rapper and all of you guys are very good looking. Please don't ever put yourselves down again. I want to give you all a big hug and tell you how wonderful you guys are until you can't think of any negative comments at all.
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how sad
I re-read it just to make sure this isn't my eyes playing tricks on me. How could they do? Of all thing how could they ask any of the members to leave the group? Never expected people's hate would reach that level. This is so wrong, cruel, inhumanity. Just because you aren't recognized? Just because our boys have fans and can produce real music? Is it because you're jealous of the choreograph they practise until they're out of breath? If it was for the visuals, I would've gotten into kpop years and years back. Not to mention how all these youngsters are oozing with talent, beautiful souls and body. I'm so mad I could kill those haters. Fortunately, this isn't a recent news. God forbid ig to happen this horrible thing again. They made our little chimchim shed a tear? I'm so sad. No,,Yoongi. If that was it, why would you be my bias? I love all of these boys. V and kookie are handsome no doubt about it, but so are the other members. I'm dying for something From them and the bitch snaps at Namjoon!? I'm so done. How can I sleep now? I would've to watch some Bangtan bombs; that'll really cheer me up.