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Genre: Angst, Spy/Mafia Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Warning: Swearing and some scenes of intimacy
You walked out of Yoongi's room only dressed in one of his oversized shirts that he brought for night time. It would have been easier for Gigi to go out to get a drink rather than you go yourself. A surprised Junior was stood by the door. "New look there Dong-Sang?" You blushed as you looked down as to how short the shirt was on you. It wasn't too bad actually. "Just came to get some water JJ, that's all" Grabbing a cup, you filled it up to the top with water for you and Yoongi to share. You were going to head back to his room when Junior stopped you again. "You two fucking or what?" You were taken back by his comment, he never usually said things as spontaneously as this. "What? Me and Gi? Why?" "Don't worry, if you like I won't tell the others. I guess some may already have guessed." "Like who?" "Jungkook of course" You blushed even more. Had these people really heard you and Yoongi? Maybe... You certainly hadn't held back!
Eventually, you left Junior's presence and returned to Yoongi's side with the cup in hand. You passed it over to him and he quickly slurped it up, he obviously needed it. He looked shattered still! "Junior flipping caught me getting this water so you better be grateful!" He left about 3 centimetres of water left for you, "so, what does it matter?" "Well, I'm not sure the best thing going around the team is that the leaders of the operation are fucking each other" He shrugged, "I don't see anything wrong with that, at least they'd know we aren't at each other's throats" he paused and cleared his throat, "well not in the way they'd normally think" You did a spit take. Yet another time today, people's words surprised you. You could've really done with that water as well! There was a few dribbles on the shirt you wore and so you lightly dabbed it with your thumb and index finger.
"Don't worry babe, it's only water" Gigi reassured you. 'Babe'? It didn't sit right, he'd called you sweetie for some time now. So, hearing him call you 'babe' made you cringe. "Don't call me 'babe' please.. 'sweetie' is fine" he leant forward and took a handful of his shirt in his hand. "Sorry sweetie. Also, there's no way of hiding what we did, you're wearing my shirt after all, you'll soon smell of me" Was his scent really rubbing off? You wouldn't have minded if it was, you loved his scent. "Fair enough. Just please don't brag to the others. As much as you don't like me saying it, we've got to keep some kind of professionalism on this mission" He rolled his eyes, he obviously hated how focused on the mission you were. You both knew each other well, even better now that you'd shared such intimacy. Also, you trusted each other more, you could certainly rely on him more nowadays. "Screw professionalism, I don't care even if the world knows that we've been to bed together. Can't I tell the world about the woman I love?" You shook your head, "not yet!" "Why not?" "Just.. Not yet. Get the mission out of the way, then I can be completely yours for the rest of your life if you like"
He smirked. "Oh... Oh yes. You aren't going to be anyone else's except from mine" He began to kiss your neck again. You playfully pushed him back, "not now. This isn't round 2" He grinned, "I wish it was!" How was it possible that he could make your cheeks heat up so easily? It was like his superpower. You flopped on his bed as he laid down beside you. "So, what do you wanna know?" You asked. He had suggested that you two properly get to know each other. "Anything and everything" "Well my favourite colour is [your fave colour], I was born on [Your DOB] and I'm an only child. Hence why my father wanted me to join the organisation. He's always mention it but my mother told me to choose whatever I wanted." "Where's your mum now?" A tear formed in the corner of your eye, "she's dead, Yoongi." He pulled you close so that his warmth surrounded you. "She'd be proud" You forced yourself to laugh, "what that we had sex?" He chuckled at your response, "you know what I mean, silly" You managed to latch onto one of his arms around you and trailed your hand down to his, intertwining your hand with his. His fingers on top of yours. "What about you then Gigi?" "I was born on March 9th 1993, my favourite colour is white and I love Basketball. My family are cool, siblings... Haven't seen my brother in ages"
That's all he said. Nothing more. You thought about asking more but it became clear that he didn't have much to do with his family nowadays. Apparently, he hadn't seen his parents in at least 2 months. It was weird to you but then again you saw your father like everyday. You watched as Yoongi got into his outfit for the mission. A black vest, probably bulletproof, and a loose black jacket. He slid on a belt which had a holder for his shotgun and shoved some black Timberlands on. "Go on then," he motioned to you, "you've gotta get ready as well" You nodded but beckoned him to follow you. Unfortunately he just stayed put, "you're the one who doesn't want everyone to know about us, yet you want me to come into your room. Someone's bound to notice sweetie" At this moment, you really didn't care. You'd just seen him change and now you were almost desperate to make him watch you dress.
You sulkingly walked to your room and put on your outfit. A black tank top with a tight fitting bomber jacket which was a dark shade of khaki. You wore skinny black jeans and knee high black converse which luckily had black laced to match. Tying your hair up in a high ponytail, you eyed over at your version of Yoongi's belt. The shot gun was laying next to it. You picked it up and loaded up. Enough bullets to last you the day if worse came to worse. You left the room and made sure you had everything. Check. A few of your team mates had already headed into the vans except Yoongi who wanted to stay behind. He made sure that all of his members were gone. "They're all in the vans sweetie" You slowly exited the building with Yoongi and got into the first van. Jungkook and Junior were also in there, Gigi was driving. Great, you could feel both of them look from you to Yoongi and back. Interrogation about you two was surely going to take place at some point.
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