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Here's a moment of silence for all Starlights who are reading this, because I'm sorry for whatever feels ensue.
Dynamite: One of their newest songs, and highly enjoyable. Bright colors, amazing visuals, and on point dancing. The dance practice killed me almost instantly. For me, because they are one of my top groups, it was delightfully poisonous.
Error: The mv has a beautifully played story line, as well as *that hat*. It had me in suspense the first time I watched it, and still keeps me entranced each time. The practice was on point, like always.
Super Hero: Everything just screams debut, but that's alright. I mean, it's a phase every group goes through. The bright colors were amazing and it took me a few verses to figure out who was who. And the practice vid wasn't so much a practice as it was a collage showing what things went into making a practice video. That puts this close to the top of my fave practices.
G.R.8.U: Looks like it was so much fun, because you got to go into a room and destroy anything you wanted! But it also looked really complex because it's backwards and things had to be reversed. The practice was cool cause I'm a dancer and love seeing everything down to its purest form.
Chained Up: Hmmmmmmmm, erm, yeah, hello feels. It's nice to see you. The mv was enjoyable, but when the black suits came on, the blushing began. The dance practice was cool, because of all the different levels they took and the amount of trust it took for them to do some of those things.
Heaven: Just AHHHHHHH! The lyrics are so fluffy and if there was a mv, I'm sure we would've have all died with the opening chords.

What did you enjoy? And how many Starlights are we temporarily missing?

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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I love Superhero!! Whenever I feel down I think about that song "I feel fantastic!" My other favorite is "Hyde" as well. I love Dynamite and Chained Up. Actually I can't think of any song by them that I don't love!!!! That is why they are my number one group!! Leo will always be my OPPA!!!
@matty0203 They are amazing aren't they?-Sky