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alright guys here's another one how many K-Pop fan groups can you name? I took this quiz so many times that I finally was able to name almost every group. This is quiz makes you really think on what their names are. I know when I first took it, I only got like 7 right and the others I had no idea at before the time ran out and they gave me the answers and I did my best and I tried and I tried and after the 10th time I finally got all of them
so how many can you get and can you do it before time is up? Here is the link below for you guys to give it a try, Below on how many you got and if you end up getting all them. Fighting!
Awww why is Boyfriends fandom called best friend? Thats like we're friendzoned. Im really sad its not GirlfriendXD That would have been perfect! lol
@Choijiah gotcha 👍
@tayunnie I wasn't able to either and ended up playing the game on my computer.
I can't do this on my phone??? >~<
I know like 3
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