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recently a friend of mine told me that he had asked his wife why she loved him and chose to marry him. his wife's response was she didn't have a reason. normally the story would end and we'd all just move on. however my friend was bothered by her lack of reason....so my question is, does love have to have a reason or not? for example I love my wife because she completes me and coming home to her is just that, coming home. leave your response in the comment section below!
I have been put on the spot before, someone asking why I love them, but I didn't know what to say myself. It's such a simple question for such complex feelings, that there really is no tangible answer, and I don't see how anyone could sum love up as "I want to be around you" or "You're all I think about all day" or "I love the way you always try to help people." Like, this are just tiny parts of all of the things that make up the full answer. And sometimes people just don't know how to put that into words.
I always have a reason
@sophiamor so you don't think it's a bigger underlying issue like second thoughts?
@BeannachtOraibh Exactly! Much better put than my comment lol
When I was looking into stuff when I writing my card about being insecure in a relationship, this topic was brought up in a lot of forums! Bottom line for me is, its often an inexplicable feeling. Like, yes I love my boyfriend because he's smart and funny and kind, but I've also just never felt as comfortable around him as I have anyone else. He puts me at ease and I have no idea why. So I think there should be a reason but whether or not you can explain it with words isn't an issue :)