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Hello again, I've got candy for ya'll once again. I only got 3 votes this time 2 were for VIXX Fanart. so that's what I'll do. enjoy!
The Leo's Girls has got to be some of my favorite fanart. it's so cute.
The Anime / Chibi styles are all really cute too.
So many people have great talent! I love good fan art. None of these pics belong to me, but to their respective owners.

next card: ☆mini imagines☆ or ☆gif spam☆ vote in the comments.

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@AmberRelynn @kissofdeath316 Don't mean to be rude, but to vote u need to go to the top of the comments and click like on the one that you want. Just wanted to make sure your vote is counted 🙂
when I commented those weren't there.. ive voted on your cards before. I think there was a glitch on my side
@MandyNoona Yasss!! 💖💖
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