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Not like it's any surprise, But Koo Junhwe continues to remind me over and over why he is my ultimate bias.
Having been watching him since win era and seeing just how much he has grown makes me feel proud, protective, and makes me fall in love all over again. ( I am watching win once again for like the 4th time. So I'm super emotional lol)
@LocoForJiyong exactly but since it's hard for him to express himself a lot they just jump to the conclusion that he thinks he is better and this rude person when he is anything but.
@Sammie99522 I know that upsets me a lot because he's far from that , he's so sweet but people only see the little stuff that has happened and make it seem like he's some jerk when in reality he's a sweet little bean
@LocoForJiyong he really is yet everyone thinks he is this super cold hearted guy
awww and I love June he's so perfect and he's grown so much and he's just such a sweetheart😍💕
That last picture and that profile OMG !! 💖😍💖