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Super emotional today so I am just sharing it all with you xD.
I remember the first time I heard this. I turned into an emotional mess and This will forever be one of my favorite songs, it has so much meaning in it.
@JustinaNguyen mix and match is next for me 😂.. And I'm the same exact way I know I am going to cry at the end.
@JustinaNguyen They do! 😅 I've been watching win again so I'm that's got me feeling some type of so I am am listening to their super sad stuff 💞
I was just watching this video yesterday. Honestly, all of their predebut songs make me emotional 😂
Why must the majority of their videos make me an emotional wreck?! 💖😭
@Sammie99522 I've been watching mix and match again. I still get sad even though I know what's going to happen 😂. I think I'll go back and watch win again too