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⛅ Casper Floof ☁

❦ Casper Ghostie is a huge fluff-n-stuff.

☆☆☆ Shhhhh I'm late Haha ☆☆☆

❦ My favorite Casper, is Princess Casper

❦ He is so precious

❦ I think he needs to be hugged.

❦ We have Casper King of roses.

❦ Ghostie is an adorable guy.

☆☆☆ Really love how my Ultimate Group is a group of Fluff-n-stuff

❣ CandY Mod Squad ❣

ღ Tagging Yak Pak ღ

ღ CandY Babies ღ

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He is too adorable
a year ago·Reply
@Tigerlily84 Yeasss!! I love how when he opens his mouth, raps as smooth as butter generate. . but he's so floofy the remaining time
a year ago·Reply
@AimeeH that HUGE smile melts my heart. 😻
a year ago·Reply
@Tigerlily84 sammmeeeeeeeeeee. omgush
a year ago·Reply