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HILARIOUS! Laughed so hard my mom thought I was dying with all the squeals and laughter xD
Never thought he could look so cool and uncool at the same time xD
Wow I had no idea you had grown to like the nickname Sanji gave you xD
OMG I'm dying this is killing me xD this was by far the best part of this episode xD I have never seen Zoro blush that much in all 300 in something episodes I watched. I finally put all my love and faith into the Zoro x Robin Anime: One Piece episode: 318 - Mothers Are Strong! Zoro's Hectic Household Chores.
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lol @MaddyScoop that's like the second most popular Zoro ship I'm pretty sure ZoroSanji ship is the most popular, although my least favorite my first is ZoroRobin, then SanjiNami, and then ZoLu
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@HunnaBallue i hate zoro and sanji getting shipped its gross they are both to badass to be part of a yaoi馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槓馃槓馃槓
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@NathanielMoanan right I'm so completely disturbed by that ship and they totally hate each other and Sanji is a total perv for woman so it doesnt make any sense! Ships have to make a little sense to exsist in my opinion xD
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another great ship is Usopp and Kaya
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i still think zoro should get with Perona
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