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Two more episodes will be added to Lee Jong-suk’s smash hit SBS drama “I Can Hear Your Voice,” the broadcaster said on Wednesday. http://www.tenasia.com/archives/65140
@cri14335 I loved episode 11 and 12 I think those were my favorite too exciting heartbreaking, I didn't start yet to watch goddess of fire I found the title a little scary lol, but I discovered Lee soon shin is the best and I also liked it it's cute with too many naive characters and funny at the same time, in a word everything that I expect from a Kdrama lol
@ouahoo, just finished episode 5 and 6 of Goddess og Fire,heartbreaking epecially episode 5...
I love Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Yuong in this drama.they look so cute together not as a friend but a couple.lol! @ouahoo, every episode was full of excitement.cant wait for episode 13....
Oooooh I'm too excited! I was already sad because there was only 4 episodes remaining :( @cri14335 Hi so tell me how did you find episode 11 and 12?
very good news..