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Genre: Angst, College AU
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Length: 2323 words
Summary: He was bad news. So why couldn’t I keep away?
Part: 8/?
A/N: Sorry guys, this is slightly rushed >.<
I was never very good at small talk. So I didn’t even try. Literally, I gave the most stoic answers imaginable.
“You hungry?”
It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be there, or that I wanted to annoy him, it was literally me not knowing what to say to fill the silence. He was bad at idle chat too, probably because he spent more time sleeping with girls than talking to them.
Me being me, I sure as well was still suspicious. Kim Taehyung, the one who had dubbed me the ‘Nerd’, the one who barely spoke to me...liked me? How the hell was that even possible. My flitted about, literally anticipating a hidden camera prank.
“...What do you think?”
I zoned back into the conversation, with no clue as to what he just said. I didn’t want him to think I hadn’t been paying attention so I nodded dumbly and said, “Yeah, I agree.”
He raised his brow at me, then chuckled. “You weren’t listening to me, were you? I said, I think Hoseok still holds a grudge against me.”
“Don’t mind him. Pretty sure he holds a grudge against everyone.”
“No...It’s just that I dated his sister. And she had real feelings for me, so when I dumped her, he didn’t take it too well.”
I didn’t know how to take this. No wonder Hoseok always seemed a bit off whenever Taehyung came up in conversation. A burning question I had was ‘why did you dump her?’, but I didn’t want to pry. Ok, I did want to pry, but he probably wouldn’t tell me anyway, so there was no point.
“Er, yeah..I mean. He probably doesn’t hold a grudge, but you’re probably not fully forgiven for it either.” He scoffed, like my opinion was all he needed to verify the fact that Hoseok didn’t like him. “It’s been a year, he needs to get over it. She’s probably moved on too.”
He looked over to me. “Am I your first boyfriend?” The question took me by surprise. Was that what he was? I didn’t have to rack my brains to search through the list of boyfriends that didn’t exist, so I nodded. almost immediately.
“Er yeah. I mean I’ve only ever had Jimin, and he’s my friend. I’ve never actually ..gone out with someone before.”
“Why not?”
“Huh?” Was he really asking me that?
“Why haven’t you? You’re smart. You’re pretty funny. You’re cute.”
“The only thing you got wrong there was ‘cute’”, I replied, pushing my glasses up subconsciously as I spoke. There are some girls out there who deny they’re good-looking, just so people fawn over them and tell them that they’re gorgeous. And there are some girls who genuinely mean it- I meant it.
He put a casual arm around my shoulder, and I froze. “Relax y/n, I’m not doing anything”, he breathed. I relaxed by shoulders before he added the word “yet”, smirking at me. I knew what was coming as he leaned in, yet I still held my breath.
“You are cute”, he whispered in my ear, the hand that was hanging off my shoulder now tracing the expanse of my back slowly. I momentarily forgot I needed oxygen to live, only breathing out once my vision started to go funny.
I slowly turned to face him and the look on is face was one of...warmth. His eyes reassuring, a small smile on his face as he gauged my reaction. It was only when I gave him a small smile back he leant in and kissed me. Hard.
Legit, this time I swear my lips were bruised as I pulled away, but I was too focused on how aroused I was to feel any pain. His lips brushed mine as he murmured, “You want more?”
I was just about to say ‘yes’, when his phone rang, making us both jump. He sighed, taking his hand away from me to answer it. I looked away, twiddling my fingers as I listened to his deep voice fill the silence.
“Hey...I told you I was busy...No,not today...”
If I strained to hear hard enough, I could hear an annoying, tinny female voice. It was so whiny, it could only belong to one person- Sooyoung. I swallowed harshly, careful to not let on that I knew who he was talking to.
“Stop being so annoying, I’ll call you back later!”, Taehyung hissed. I zoned out of this one sided conversation. The way he had said ‘I told you I was busy’, made me think he had only invited me here for one thing, and it wasn’t to chat. I suddenly wanted to leave.
I knew Jimin and Hoseok where hanging at Jimin’s place- I could go there.
Hell, I’d even go home. Anywhere but here. There was something going on between him and Sooyoung, I knew it. My lips were still tingling from the kiss and I wanted more, but I wasn’t going to stay for my own selfish needs.
As he hung up, I stood up abruptly, and turned to him. “I er...just remembered I have something to do, so I’ll be off. Se you later!” But before I could rush off, he grabbed my elbow. “Wait, what?”
“Things to do”, I said a bit more slowly. His eyes narrowed. “What do you have to do?”
My mind went blank. “...Things”, I answered dumbly, as he gave a huff of frustration. “Why the hell do you always do this? You get me hard and then fuck off, making me finish myself off!”
My look went from helpless, to one of mild disgust. That was information I’d rather not know. “Thanks for telling me that Taehyung”, I grimaced.
“What the hell is it? Are you scared of sleeping with me?”, he sneered, and I felt my face grow hot. Not out of embarrassment,but out of anger. “Yes”, I answered simply, taking him aback.
“Not because I’m scared of sex. But because I know you’re going to drop me as soon as I cave and move onto the next girl.” His eyes hardened. “What the fuck? You think I’d do that?” My silence was all he needed as confirmation.
“Tell me this Tae Tae”, I mocked him using the cringe-worthy nickname Sooyoung had given him. “What did Sooyoung want just now?”
“That’s none of your fucking business.” I looked at him triumphantly. The way he was avoiding my gaze told me exactly why Sooyoung had rang him. And he had told her that he’d call her back later.
“I should go”, I muttered, feeling stupid. “Thank you for doing your bit of the project- I’m sure Jimin will be very pleased too.” And with that I turned away to get out of here, thankful that I hadn’t gone in too deep before realising I didn’t actually matter to him.
“Woah, hold up! You’ve barely been here half an hour!”, he called, following me. “Yeah. And in that time you already got a call from a slut to meet up with her and you told her you’d call her back. And that was only in half an hour. God knows how many of those you get in a day”, I seethed.
I felt infuriated. His confession must have been utter bull, and I had fallen for it. “Tell me, before I leave. Was your confession real? Or was it a practical joke? Oh no...I bet someone dared you to do it. After all, I’m the Ner-”
“Shut up y/n”, he snapped. His chest was heaving at my allegations, and he looked furious. “Maybe I do fuck around a lot, but everything I said to you was legit.”
I stepped back a little, shaking my head. I had decided- I wanted my life to go back to normal. Back when the only person I interacted with was Jimin. Back when Kim Taehyung was just a name that irked me, nothing more. Back when there were no study sessions on a Saturday. I wasn’t going to pine after someone like him- I was better than that.
“Call her back and tell her you’re free now”, I suggested. Maybe the moment could have been more dramatic if I was shedding a bucket-load of tears, but I wasn’t. Of course I liked him, but I couldn’t be with someone like this. Especially as a first boyfriend.
“Don’t go”, he ordered, his eyes pleading as I stepped back a little more. “Y/n”, he warned. “Please.” He probably hadn’t envisioned the evening to go like this.
“I don’t want anything to do with you”, I spoke boldly, even though my voice was small. “You make life complicated.”There. I said it without sugar-coating it. My lips were turned downwards slightly as I gave him a small frown.
To my surprise, a small smile flickered on his face as my words. “I make life complicated for the smartest girl in our year? Now that’s an achievement.”
I scoffed in response. “Really wanna insult you, but you probably wouldn't understand it .”
“Give me a chance y/n. Once people get to know me, I really grow on them.”
“You grow on people? So does cancer, doesn’t mean I want that.”
“Did you just compare me to a godamn terminal illness?”
“You know I did”, I shot back, showing no remorse. “I’ve got to go. See you Tae.” I hadn’t even realised I had called him the shortened version of his name until he pointed it out.
“Tae?” he questioned, one eyebrow raised.
“Taehyung! I meant, Taehyung.”
“No, I like Tae.”
“See you Taehyung”, I said, ignoring him completely. I wanted to go back in time when he addressed me as ‘nerd and I called him ‘asshole’.
He proceeded to call my name, but I ignored him, hastily leaving. I was so close. So close to snapping. But I knew I had just prevented major heartbreak. Just because I was book-smart, didn’t mean I was completely oblivious to these things.
Jimin’s door was unlocked, so I let myself into his place. All the guys he lived with were out, but unsurprisingly Hoseok was still there, sprawled on the couch. I rolled my eyes. I had had the displeasure of meeting him twice in one day.
“Hey y/n!” Jimin didn’t look phased by my presence, so I assumed he had got my text saying I was coming over.
“How was the date with loverboy?” Hoseok drawled.
“It wasn’t a date. And it was pretty boring”, I said, subconsciously running on my lips. Hoseok snorted, but didn’t say anything.
“You guys argued, didn’t you?”, Jimin asked, peering at me. “You have that ‘face’ you make when you’ve argued with someone.”
Before I could say anything, Hoseok butted in with his unwanted opinion. “Her? She probably can’t argue for shit? That fuckboy was probably too busy trying to make a move and she ran away.”
“She is the best at arguing”, Jimin told him. They were talking about me like I wasn’t even there. “Five pounds says if you insult her, she’ll have a comeback.”
I rolled my eyes again. Literal children, I swear to god. I stood there, calm and collected, waiting for Hoseok to throw an insult at me.
“Ok...You must’ve been born on the highway, because that’s where most accidents happen.”
That’s the best he had? That was one of the most generic insults someone could hurl at me. But regardless, my natural instincts kicked in...
“You must’ve been born at the pound, because you’re a son of a bitch.”
Jimin fell over laughing, clutching his sides, and even Hoseok couldn’t help but smile. But the poor soul had another shot.
“Speaking of bitches...If you were anymore of a bitch, you’d have puppies.”
I could have laughed. That really was meagre for someone who talks big game. ”Yeah, and then you wouldn’t be the only dog in the room.”
“Stop”, Jimin wheezed, tearing up from the laughter and Hoseok held up his hands in surrender. “I owe you a fiver”, he said to Jimin.
“So was that it?”, he turned back to me. “You had an argument?”
“ We were talking. Sooyoung called. I decided to leave. End of.”
He snorted. “You were talking? With Taehyung? The only way he communicates is with his dick.”
Jimin said something about getting snacks and walked into the kitchen and I lowered my voice, just in case Hoseok hadn’t mentioned it to Jimin. “He told me why you don’t like him. He left your sister? That sucks.”
Hoseok’s eyes darkened at the mention of his sister. “He left her? That’s what he told you? He stood her up on a date y/n. They planned an evening out to celebrate one year together. She waited two hours on her own while he was wasted and fucking another girl. It broke her.”
I stared at him, my mouth slightly open. I was just about to reply when Jimin came back in, with bowls of crisps and dip, and flopped down beside me. “What were we talking about?”
“About how my insults were better than Hoseok’s”, I smiled. Jimin chuckled. “Oh yeah. Told you Hoseok. Y/n doesn’t mess around.” Jimin knew not to bring up Taehyung, so he avoided that topic.
I had lost my appetite but felt at ease as we chatted away, even being friendly to Hoseok. My smile was wiped off my face when I went to check the time on my phone to find I had an unread text.
From Taehyung: Can’t believe you walked away like that. You think it’s cool to fuck with someone’s feelings? Well I have news for you. Yes, it was a fucking dare. Why the fuck would I want to be with you?? You’re nothing special.
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Gosh damnit Tae, why is he such a hoe but so sweet 😢😢😢 p.s. am I the only one secretly shipping hoseok and y/n? No, just me? okay.. *hides in corner* >.< 😅😂😂😁😁
That son of a gun! He got his feelings hurt now he's trying to hurt her! I hope she gets back at him 😠.
What the hell Tae, someone better kick your ass, hopefully hoseok, after he takes y/n. @xXYGXx you're not the only one 😂
Okay, I don't even know what to say anymore....I guess I'm low key shipping her with Hoseok now, but....Jimin just in the way of that...And then, Taehyung is just like there...Like we don't really care about him, he's not a big ship in the story, and he's like not even the way...So like right now, Hoseok and her are getting to that friends level, while Jimin's already ahead, so yeah....Yeah...Don't know what else to say...... When you going to add Jungkook and the others in the story tho??
@xXYGXx *is secretly waiting for that hoseok y/n ship to happen all of a sudden* Bad tae tae
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