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Part 3: _ * _ * _ * "You want to end it sooner with me?" He was met by silence. Not the comforting silence many claimed to love, no, it was an eerie silence. It crept between them as if it was reaching up to choke all the air from their lungs. A stifled laugh... then an even louder one until she was laughing hysterically. He kept quiet, watching her movements. She finally calmed down and met him with a bitter smile from ear to ear. "No." was all he heard. "Why?" It sounded more like a demand than a question. "You do know is in eight days, right?" He gave a puzzled look but searched his brain for an answer. Then it hit him. "Y-you're joking, right? Please tell me you are." he begged, fear consuming him. "You said they did nothing to you!" "I said my parents did nothing to me. I never said my brother didn't." "On his birthday?" he walked towards her until there was barely any space between them. "What did he do to you?" he whispered. She closed her eyes, humming while contemplating what to say. Taking a deep breathe she slowly opened her eyes staring directly at his. Her once soft, broken eyes turned hard and icy as she spoke. "He took advantage of my depression. He was the only one who knew, until you came along. He used it so him and his friends could have 'fun' on his birthday a one year ago." She wasn't expecting him to hug her as tightly as he did. It was constricting but she felt safe. Her eyes warmed up, a small smile painted on her face. "You aren't alone, you know?" he barely whispered in her ear. When they pulled away, both had tear streaks down their face. "Now we both have to suffer together." He grabbed her hand and pulled her down the stairs and out of the building to a hidden park. Since the sun had started coming up, it's light shined through the trees and illuminated an abounded house that was more of a hut. It looked fallen apart and the small rock wall next to it had vines growing with tree roots sticking out. "What is this place?" "The only safe place in the world." "Hey?" "Yeah?" "We have seven days." "Only if we stay where we are." She looked at him questioningly. "What do you mean?" "Let's stay here for those seven days and then decide." He hadn't let go of her hand as he pulled her into the house. It was surprisingly in good condition. "That's not possible." "Are you sure?" "You're in a dream world." "It is hard for insomniacs to tell the difference." "So this whole thing may not be real?" "I know this is real." "How?" "My heart doesn't lie." he smiled at her as she looked down to the ground. "Then how about we meet here after school?" She mumbled lifting her head up. "And during." "Dream world." "Nope, the school's phone line has been down for weeks, they can't get it fixed for another two months, meaning they can't notify parents about attendance." "Smart... fine. And Yibo?" "Yeah?" "Just know, if you get attached you will hurt." _ * _ * _ *
A/N: ¡Hola! Random question, do y'all wanna see my face as my profile pic? Whatcha' think? Looking back at other chapters and stories, my style/organization has changed a bit, did you notice? Haha~ I just did. Do you think they'll commit suicide on the brother's birthday like planned?