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Genre: Fantasy, Romance, and some Angst.
Summary: You had to get it, no matter the cost.
Part: 1/?
A/N: So it has been a very long month. Even though school is out I haven't had the time to update you on the story thus far. I am very sorry about that. I have also changed the name. The other title was there until I came up with a good enough one. So with that said, and you have forgiven me, let us continue. Hope you enjoy it.
I got the eggs out and cracked three into the pan. Mum and dad walked into the kitchen and sat at the little bar we had. They were holding each other so affectionately. I loved when they did this, it was so cute. Made me wish I could find someone to hold me. I finished our eggs, handed them their plates and we ate our breakfast. I even gave Sushi some eggs. When everyone was done I washed the plates and started to walk off, “Um Y/N, why don’t you come and sit down with us.” Mum said.
“Okay. What is it?” I said. My parents never looked so nervous before, besides the day I told them I was moving back home cause my rent was too high.
“Y/N, we have some bad news.” Dad said. What could possibly be bad news?
“Y/N, I’m sick.” Mum said.
“Okay mum, you'll just take some medicine.”
“It’s not that simple Y/N.” Mum said.
“What do you mean? Like, is mum dying sick?” I asked. “Or just sick in general?”
My parents just started me square in the face, molding a complete serious look.
“I’m right, aren’t I? Mom is dying.” I answered. They didn’t answer, but they nodded. “So what do we do? Is there anything we can do?”
“There is nothing that we could possibly do Y/N. There isn’t a thing out there that could save your mother. And if there were it would be too dangerous.” Dad said.
“Is this what you guys were talking about this morning?” I asked them.
“I knew she was listening,” Dad said turning to mum, “Yes Y/N, yes it is.”
"There has to be a cure. The doctor's just can't leave you to die! They have to fix you! I just came back!"
"Y/N, calm down." Dad was reaching for my shoulders.
"NO!" swatting his hands away. Mum just stood by the wall holding herself. It was faint and she had to say it more than once, "I read somewhere that there is a flower the grows on a cliff that could work."
Dad turned to mum and glared. "We are not sending our only daughter to go find something that quite reasonably doesn't exist."
“I can do it.” I said. “I know I can, all I’ll have to do is get a group of people to come with me and-”
“No, you can’t. And I won’t let you either.” My mum said. Wasn't she the one to pose the idea in the first place?
“But that’s not fair. I’m old enough to go and explore the world too. Why won’t you let me?” I was getting mad.
“We said no!” Dad was almost yelling. I could tell that he was trying hard not to show his anger.
“So you would rather have mum die? Is that what you are telling me?” I answered back. Neither one said anything. I got up and left. Storming to my room and slamming the door. I stayed in there until dinner time. At dinner time I didn’t even eat anything or talk to any one.
Later that night there was a knock at my door. “Y/N, can I come in?” it was a faint voice, but I could tell it was my mother’s voice. I didn’t want to cave in so easily, but it was my mother. “Sure mum, you can come in.”
“Honey, you know what your father said, he didn’t mean it.” She said as she shut my door.
“You mean you want me to go?”
“I didn’t say no. I want you to go. I think it would be good for you to go.” She continued, “But I would never want to send you out there. That would be insane.”
“But what is it that you need?” I’m sure she will tell me what it is that I need to get to save her.
“There’s nothing out there that you can get.” She said. “But I will tell you a secret.” She walks over to me and embraces me with the hug that only mother’s can really give. “I like to think that there’s a plant somewhere that it hasn’t been discovered yet, that could fix anything from dying to cuts and bruises."
“But Y/N, it’s not that simple. No one knows what is wrong with me, and they certainly don’t know what would cure me. Plus they don’t even want to help me. They say that I’m a lost cause.”
“So you’re saying that there is no way to curing you?” I was starting to get mad, “And the other doctors? They just think you’re incurable. Stupid!”
I had to calm my self down and not frighten mum anymore than she is, so I made a slight joke. “It’s like we need House or something.”
“This isn’t funny Y/N.” She said with a smile. We both began to laugh. I knew my joke would make her laugh. They always do.
“Okay well that’s easy enough.” I said
“No dear, it’s not that easy. You have-” she flopped to the floor.
“Mum?” I said. She didn’t answer or look up. I flopped down by her side and held her hands.
“Mum, are you okay?” the moment the sentence came out of my mouth she started coughing up red stuff. Oh my goodness! It was blood.
“Mum!” Freaking out I ran to my door. “Dad!” I ran down the hall, “Dad! Mum’s coughing up blood on my floor!” I found him in the study.
“Dad!” I shouted, “Mum is. Coughing up. blood on floor.” I choked out. We both ran to my room. “Call 911.” He said.
Grabbing my phone I ran outside. I couldn’t bare to see my mother like this. I ran down the street not sure what to do. Am I to call the police and 911 or have someone else do it? I go to the neighbors’ house and have them call.
I knocked and knocked and knocked. Even rang the doorbell three times before they answered. “Y/N? What is it?” Mrs. Lee said. When I was little she once told me that I could come over any time when I needed anything; even for emergencies.
“Mum. She is sick. Bad sick. Call. 9.1.1.” I was hyperventilating. I handed her my phone and that’s all I can remember.
When I awoke the next morning, I was on Mrs. Lees’ couch. “Well deary, you have been out for quite a while there.”
“What happened?” I asked.
“Well, when you handed me your phone I did as you said and called 911. Oh, your father was looking for you.”
“He was? Oh then I should get home.”
“No, no. it’s quite fine. I told him that you should stay here for a while. He brought some of your things over. They are in the spare room.”
“Thank you so much Mrs. Lee. I don’t know how to repay you.” I teased.
“Well you could start by cleaning up and getting ready for lunch.” She said with a smile. I got up, and walked to the spare room. Mrs. Lees was right, I did need to so some cleaning up, and I looked like a wreck. I grabbed some clothes and went to take a shower.
“Okay I’m done and ready to help.” I said walking out of the spare room. Mrs. Lee was at the stove making some kind of soup.
“Alright deary. You help by chopping those onions there.” She said pointing to her left. I walked over and started chopping.
“So what’s for lunch?” I asked.
“Well it’s some kind of stew. Do you like stew?” How could I not. Mrs. Lees’ stew is the best. No I’m wrong; Mrs. Lees’ cooking is the best. All the food Mrs. Lee makes is from her home country in Korea. She moved stateside years ago and wasn't able to bring her children with her, occasionally her grandson comes to visit. Sometimes we would just ask her for recipes and make her food, but they never came out the same.
“Of course, I love stew!” I said with a smile. While preparing the food for the stew we got to talking about what life has ins tore for me these past few months after moving back in with my family. I shared with her how I'll be starting next semester, but in the mean time I'm looking for a job and trying to enjoy my summer.
I thought it a crazy idea but I figured I would ask anyway, “Do you know of any kind of plant that grows in the wild, but is very exotic and is hard to find?” maybe she would know of something close to it.
“What do you mean Y/N?” she looked confused.
“Well umm, last night, before everything, mum told me of a way that might help cure her since the doctors aren't doing anything.” she didn’t say anything so I kept going; “She said it was a flower or some sort of plant.” Mrs. Lee kept stirring and didn’t look at me.
“Mrs. Lee, do you know of any thing?” Still not looking at me she said, “Y/N, you needn’t worry yourself with these things.”
“But, if you know anything I need to know. Please, Mrs. Lee.”
“Y/N, I said I don’t know anything. I’m sure you will know when you’ve found it. Now start chopping those onions.” She saw how my face changed instantly, “Now Y/N we can talk about this later tonight. But right now I want us to have a good rest of the day. Shall we?” Now I love Mrs. Lee, she’s like a grandmother to me, and I respect that. It’s just sometimes I want things my way for once, but I agree with her, later is better than now.
“Alright Mrs. Lee. You’re right anyways; later is better than now.” I had my brilliant smile on again.
Later that night Mrs. Lee and I were eating our stew we made, and I thought now would be a good time to talk to her.
“So, is now a good time to talk?” I asked leaning in at the table.
“Since you’re so eager to find out such things, then yes, now is a good time to talk.” She waited for me to talk, “Well, you going to start asking?”
I was so eager that I didn’t know where to start. “Yes. Okay. Sorry.” Stuttering over where I wanted to start. “Is there a flower that could save my mother?”
“Since you asked, I know of such plant that is kind of like a flower.”
“How do I find it?”
“It isn’t found by looking. There is an old saying that helps you understand how to find it. ‘What you seek the most will never once show its self until proven.’”
“Proven what?” I was so confused.
“I’m not so sure myself.”
“Well whatever it is, it sure is no help. But thanks anyway, Mrs. Lee.” I stretched my arms out wide pulling them in with a closing yawn, “I think that I need to get some sleep. Good night.”
“Good night Y/N.” Mrs. Lee said her final farewell and went to her room.
Walking to the spare room my eye-sight started to get blurry, my eye lids got heavy. It felt as though I was ready to go into a big hibernation of some sort. My feet shuffled me to the bed. I didn’t bother changing my clothes, I was afraid of passing out while I was changing, and collapsed on the bed.
The next few seconds were weird; it felt like I was flying, no more like hovering and spinning, all at the same time. It was dark with a tint of purple. There was a noise, very faint, but grew louder and louder, as if I were getting closer. The noise didn’t sound human, but it didn’t sound like an animal either. It just kept getting closer and closer. Closer and closer. I closed my eyes terrified of what might be lurking at the bottom.
I tried to stop myself. I put my hands out to the side of me trying to reach the wall. There was no wall! Just air. Air all around me. I tried opening my eyes; I couldn’t get them to open now. And that noise, it just would not stop. It got louder and closer. I started to breathe heavier, not knowing what I should do. My feet won’t touch the ground, there is no ground. My hands can’t touch the walls, there are no walls. I was falling to my death. Probably going to get eaten by something, I just didn’t know what it was.
Then it all stopped. I didn’t feel light like I was floating any more. My body was heavy like it should be. I reached my hands to the side; there was something soft, like silk under my hands. I stretched my feet hoping to be standing, but they were just dangling. I was scared to even open my eyes, but I did. When I opened them light poured in. Everything was so bright that I had to close them again. Lifting my hands up to cover my eyes, I tried opening them again. This time it wasn’t so bright. I could see my surroundings. I was in a room. But whose? Everything started getting clearer, and then I realized I was in the spare room at Mrs. Lees’ house. I got up and found that it was all a dream.
The next two days were the same, my head would feel like it was swelling, and I would barely even make it to the bed. I stayed at Mrs. Lee's house because going home wasn't the same with my mum lying in a hospital bed. I should be comforting my dad, but all I wanted was to be alone and find that damn flower. If he knew of my plans I'm sure he wouldn't let me go.
On the third night I was able to go to bed without anything happening. This time I could change and get into some comfy pajamas. I lay down and was wide awake. Closing my eyes I rolled over to my side, and tried to fall asleep. Everything got black, and I was getting sucked into a time warp again.
This time the dream was different, instead of having me hovering in the air I was on solid ground, but the noise was still around me. I couldn’t quite make out where I was, but it was damp and dark, so I must be in a cave. This time I could walk. I walked a few feet making sure I didn’t make any noise so the creature thing wouldn’t hear me. It was so dark that I wasn’t sure where to go. I spun around looking for some kind of light. There, very far in the distance was a small light. With just that small light I made my escape. I didn’t care what I stepped in, as long as I got out.
I was almost there when I tripped; I fell down and scrapped my knee. I was getting up when I felt breathing on my neck. Oh, no. What am I to do now?
I decided to get up slowly, and then run. I was getting up and the thing just kept breathing on my neck. I was fully up now and did not dare to turn around. It didn’t make any breaths, and with that I ran as fast as I could to that light. I was almost there when I heard a flapping noise. If only I could run faster. Just a few more feet and I would be there.
The light was getting closer and I was going to make it. My knee was hurting, and the flapping was getting closer. Just two more feet and I would be out in the open. It felt like a mile; I was running in slow motion. About one more foot. The flapping continued, I hope it doesn’t catch up to me. I was moving like the wind. Almost to the outside when I no longer hear the flapping. I know that I should keep running, but something tells me I should stop. I’m just a step from being outside whatever I was in, not wanting to go outside but not wanting to stay inside. I finally turn around hoping to see what was following me, nothing is there. Everything went to complete silence. “Hello!” I hollered down the cave. No response. Of course there was no response because the thing couldn’t possibly be human. Then far off in the distance I hear a groan. Was it the same noise from all my other dreams. I still had yet to figure out what it was.
I figured if I play nice I can guess what it is. I know that it has wings. So I try again, “Hello!?” still no response. I turn my back and start to walk out when I hear the noise again. I stay outside and call to it once more, “Hello!? Look I’m not scared of you, but if you could just show yourself maybe I could help.” I had no clue why I was talking to something that was just ignoring me. With no reply I turned around to find that I was on the edge of a cliff leading to a waterfall. The mouth of the cave was at my back and with one more step I would fall off the cliff. Next to my thoughts of me falling I hear the noise in the cave again. I turn around and there sitting at the mouth of the cave is the thing. It’s not fully showing itself but its showing enough for me try to figure out what it was.
“Hi there.” I say to it. Gosh this is so weird; me talking to a creature of some sort and now I'm walking closer to it. I must be insane. I notice that it has a tail. I don’t dare look up any further. I reach my hand out to it and it groans. I pull it back.
“So what are you?” I say it as though it could answer me. Of course it doesn’t it just turns around and walks off. Great now I’m stuck here looking like some idiot talking to nothing. Then it groans.
Does it want me to follow it? Then it groans again. “Okay I’ll follow you.”
I walk back into its cave and it’s no longer dark. There are lights all over the wall. When did this happen?
“So do you live here?” I ask the creature. It turns to face me and I’m speechless. I was so stunned that the creature was so beautiful. A griffin, a real life griffin was leading me down a cave. I just wanted to give it a really big hug, this was something or myths! I started to walk up to it then it growled at me. “I do not appreciate things walking up to me, like I am not dangerous.”
“Did you just speak?” I could not believe that the thing just spoke to me and it called me a thing.
“Yes, I can speak. And I know that you are a human. I am a griffin. King of land animals and sky animals.”
“Really? What are you doing here?”
“My kind has almost gone to extinction; I am the only one alive.”
“Is that why you live here?” I was so fascinated.
“No more questions, I have brought you here because you are in need of help.” He began walking toward me, “I will only tell you this once, you need to get a group of people and you need to find the rare Milly.”
“Milly? What is that?” I was so confused. How did he know so much?
“The Milly is the rare flower your mother needs to survive. Y/N you are the only one who can save her. When you are in dyer need, just blow this horn.”
“But it’s a necklace. And what do you mean dyer need? Where am I going?” I was so lost in this conversation, “And how do you know my name?”
“Y/N, I said no other questions. You must go now you are wasting time.” He was beginning to push me out of the cave.
“But what does all this mean?”
“I can no longer say any more, I am sorry.” We were by the cliff now.
“Can I at least know your name?”
“My name is Mang.” He then pushed me off the cliff into the water.
As I fell the scenery started to change from a nice blue colour to a black colour. The sounds started to change too. The water was becoming a bed shape and was turning to where I was laying on it. When the fall ended I woke up to find myself back in the spare room. The dream was so real. I still don’t believe it. Then I felt my neck and there it was, the necklace that Mang gave me. So it was real, and that means there is a flower that can cure everything. I had to save her.
First thing first, I need to talk to Mrs. Jones.