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Part 4: _ * _ * _ * He came down to the breakfast table where his parents sat chatting, smiling. "Good morning, Yibo!" he mother cheered. "How was your sleep?" She placed some pancakes and fruit on his plate. "Great. Do you think i could go to the woods after i finish eating?" "Sure!" his father smiled. "You should bring that girl, Y/N, over later too, you two have become really close." "Maybe!" he grinned. . . . He made his way to a clearing in the woods. Laying down he could feel the sun on his face and heard birds chirping in the background. A waterfall was heard in the distance, 'Maybe I'll go there later.' He thought to himself. He heard a twig snap making him lift his head up to see who it was, Y/N... Her smile was the brightest thing in the world. It's all he ever wanted to see on her face. "Hey, Yibo!" she said cheerfully laying next to him. "Hey, Y/N! My parents wanted to know if you would like to come over later?" he questioned holding her hand as he laid down on his side face her. She turned to face him, giving a quick peck to the lips. "Of course." she grinned turning back towards the sky. "This is why I love you." he whispered in her ear receiving a giggle. "Why?" "Because you're you and you are amazing and perfect." "I love you too." she whispered in his ear. "Shall we go?" "Go where?" he asked standing up with her. "Back to reality." her smiled didn't falter. "What do you mean?" he questioned confused. "This just a dream. Don't tell me you forgot silly?" "No, this is real." he protested pleas in his eyes. She stopped smiling. "No, you need to wake up. You can't stay here forever." "No. I have to stay here. I can't go back to that place." tears pricked his eyes as he fell on his knees. "Please let me stay a little longer." "No can do. Facing reality and the truth may hurt, but in the end it's better than fantasy and lying to yourself. Right now, you need to face reality." In a flash it all disappeared. He woke up in his bed tears rolling down his face. Rain could be heard tapping on his window. The whole house was silent meaning fortunately for him, his parents were gone. "Fuck. Why can't that be my reality? Why can't my dreams be my life?" His dreams were his only escape. They kept him going on the rare occasions he could sleep. They gave him the life he wanted. Damn he wanted to live in his dreams so bad. They kept him from hurting so much. Yet it hurt to wake up from them too... _ * _ * _ *
A/N: Omo! Double update! Ikr! It's amazing! Haha~ You guys have to wait a lot lately so take this as an apology. Got my Spanish final tomorrow and Tuesday, ugh. I have basic skills down, but after that (this is with any language) i kind of have to work harder to remember. Wish me luck, lol.