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““Here is the application. You may go over there and fill it out if you’d like” The secretary smiled at the small girl and handed her the clipboard, going back to typing on her computer. Kenna smiled and nodded “Thank you” she walked over to the row of chairs on the other side of the room and sat down. As she was filling out the application, she heard the secretary begin to speak “Young lady, may I ask out of pure curiosity..why are you doing this?” she stopped typing and turned to look at her Chewing on her bottom lip, Kenna looked up at the woman and smiled “I want to help people in any way I can..because I know people suffer and I want to try and stop that…even if I’m only helping one person” with a smile, she finished writing down all the information and handed the secretary the clip board. “Ah..We need more kids like you around here” She smiled and took the clip board “If you’re ever looking for a job, come to me okay? You’d fit in nicely here” Kenna smiled “Thank you very much, that means a lot to me” As she turned around to leave, the secretary called out for her “And don’t worry, we’ll give you the best patient okay? With your personality, I think you could save this boy” She blinked, but never the less she smiled and walked out. Kenna furrowed her eyebrows “So I’m going to be taking care of a boy?...Well the lady didn’t say he was unfriendly…right?” She mumbled to herself, opening her car door and sitting down in the seat. “It can’t be that bad, stop freaking out!” Kenna sighed to herself, turning the car on and driving home. “Do you have your things packed miss?” The secretary smiled at the younger girl and stepped aside so she could walk inside the office “Yes I do, thank you so much for your help” Kenna smiled and sat down in one of the office chairs, playing with her fingers. Even though she was extremely happy, she couldn’t help but feel the anxiety building up inside her. “Don’t look so afraid alright? There’s nothing to be afraid of” The women smiled and sat down next to kenna, opening her notebook “Now, before you leave we should probably go over a few things just for precautionary reasons” Kenna nodded and let out a sigh “Alright” Sitting up straight, she waiting for her to start asking questions. Sitting back against the chair and clicked her pen, humming quietly “Now, I’m assuming your completely healthy right?” Kenna nodded “Of course, I don’t think the person I’m going to be taking care of would be very happy if I got them sick” She laughed quietly, rubbing her sweaty palms against her shorts “Okay good then” The woman mumbled, writing down a few things before looking back up at her “And no mental issues right? Like depressions anxiety?”
Kenna froze, coughing awkwardly “Well…I do have anxiety” she waved her hands back and forth quickly “But don’t worry, I’m completely stable!” she smiled “I can handle things like this” “Alright then, I’ll take your word for it” She smiled and wrote some more things down Kenna gasped quietly “Oh! I forgot to ask you the other day, what’s your name?” “Yoo jung, Park Yoo Jung” she smiled and set her pen down, holding out her hand “Nice to meet you” Kenna smiled and shook her hand gently “I’d tell you my name but I’m pretty sure you already know what my name is, seeing as my name was written on the form I gave you” Yoo jung hummed and nodded “Kenna right? I was actually surprised that a foreigner came in to my office, because usually people who aren’t familiar with the Korean culture either don’t do very well or they simply don’t know enough Korean” smiling, she stood up “Well, it seems like we’re finished here” Kenna nodded and stood up, grabbing one of her two suitcases “I’m glad that you don’t mind staying with the patient” She heard yoo jung tell her “Usually, people don’t like to stay with the patient because it’s weird, but it’s not like you’re staying in the same room as him so everything should be fine” She reached out and grabbed the other suitcase “Here, let me help you with those” Opening the door, she walked out of the office and stepped aside to let kenna through “Oh you don’t have to! But thanks anyway” She smiled and brought her bag to the car, yoo jung following close behind “It’s no problem really. Do you need anything from your car?” The car trunk popped open and yoo jung set the girls suitcase inside, kenna soon following close behind to set her second suitcase inside the car. “Nope, I’m good for now” Kenna smiled and opened the passenger door, getting into the car “Okay then, let’s go” Yoo jung smiled reassuringly and locked the office door before getting into the car and driving off to their destination. Soon enough, they had pulled up to the large white house and surprisingly, it looked very nice and comforting. “Now before you go in, I must warn you of a few things okay?” Yoo jung smiled and turned off the car, turning to the side to face kenna. “When hoseok gets angry, do not go near him. He has extreme anger issues, But you don’t need to worry that much because he isn’t dangerous and he doesn’t want to fight with anyone..because he’s still fighting with himself” She sighed softly and got out of the car to grab kenna’s bags. Kenna stepped out and followed her close behind, picking up her suitcase and following yoo jung to the front door. After a few seconds, she thought that maybe it was a bad idea after all…but this is the only thing she wants to do in life, and that is to help people.
“I understand” Kenna mumbled and nodded, chewing on her lip and playing with the end of her shirt. “Please..take care of him? Make sure he eats and stays healthy” Yoo jung grabbed her hand, placing her own hand on top of hers “He’s someone who’s been through a lot, so please try and understand him” Reaching forward, yoo jung unlocked the door “You might have to wait a while once you get inside. He’s not used to seeing anyone other than me, but he’s harmless” Gulping, kenna nodded and smiled faintly “Thank you..for everything” In the corner of yoo jung’s eye, she could see hoseok peering out from inside the kitchen “Yah! I see you, you little punk!” She playfully said to him. When kenna turned around to catch a glimpse of him, he was gone. Yoo jung sighed “Ah, I still wonder how he manages to move that fast” shaking the thought away, she turned around and hugged the smaller girl “Once again, take care of him for me” “Stop worrying, I’ll take good care of him, I promise” She smiled brightly and nodded “Now go on before I ask you to stay” Kenna chuckled and gently pushed her out the door “Alright I’m going!” Yoo jung smiled “Take care” She then got into her car and drove off Once she left, kenna became nervous. The aura in the house became stiff and her hands became clammy as she slowly walked around the house. The house itself was fairly beautiful, but she wondered if the person living here was content with the color of the area. Oddly, the entire house itself was white. The walls were painted white and there was white furniture, even the kitchen had white walls. It just seemed too plain to her…but she wasn’t complaining, because white was her favorite color after all. “Wait…I forgot to ask where my room was…” Kenna sighed and mumbled to herself, lightly smacking her forehead “Stupid” Suddenly, she heard a deep voice from behind her “Do you always talk to yourself?” Kenna gasped and turned around, only to come face to face with a pair of brown-reddish eyes. He sounded scary at first, but he didn’t look scary at fact, she thought he was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen in all her years of living "I-...Um..." She coughed and moved her gaze down to the floor, mumbling "'s not that weird" Pouting, she began playing with her fingers "Everyone does it...even you probably do it-" "Well that's because i have no one to talk to" The tone in his voice seemed to harden when she accused him of doing so. "That was a bad choice of words.." She looked up at him and smiled awkwardly "Anyway- I'm Kenna-" He took a step towards her, causing her to take a step or two back "1: I don't care what your name is" He took yet another step towards her "2: I don't care who you are" She took one more step back as he stepped forward and that was all the way back she could go, she was stuck between the wall and him. "And 3:" He leaned in close to her and stared down at her with a sharp glare "Stay out of my way and we won't have to worry about anyone getting hurt..Alright?" And with that, he walked off somewhere into the house " first impression is ruined,,...and now he hates me" She groaned "how the heck am i supposed to survive out here.."
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