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Thinking of going because now Bts and Shinee are coming to LA but....ahh I dont know
I went last year. Now I know for sure what I should bring. Don't bring a bag. If you get a good enough pass, they'll give you a swag bag. Bring a really good to-go battery charger for your phone too. I'll also be buying a professional camera that I can carry around my neck so I don't have to constantly be too late with taking pictures
first KCON! so KCON staff said no DSLRs so I think I was gonna try to just strap a GoPro for the concert, pretty excited though! Hoping for a MAMAMOO or BTS hi-touch
@JaxomB I'm not sure how new York is. For me I went back to check in my tickets again and ended up getting another pass for a swagbag, so I would do that just in case along with getting more fan involved activities. the swag bag doesn't come with much inside but I heard that they get better depending on the pass you get.
@ashleyemmert okay so we need to work on our game plan!!!!! ughhhhh I can't breathe I'm so excited. WE may adult supervision lol
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