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My dangerous man.
Kim jinhwan is seriously dangerous, and if you aren't careful he will destroy you. Don't fall for his cute act.
Jinhwan: She is on to me.
Maybe I can distract her.
Maybe acting cute will work
Quickly I have to think of something.
ah I think I have it
talking always works.
Maybe singing.
If all else fails kisses will do the trick. But wait I have an even better idea.
Bam! Now I have her.
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a year ago·Reply
Boy...stay in your lane! I'm trying to not get anymore bias list ruiners!
a year ago·Reply
@xoxorittie 😂😂😂 it's a battle I lost a while ago xD
a year ago·Reply
@Sammie99522 😂😂 I feel like I'm slowly losing this battle too. I might as well accept the unavoidable
a year ago·Reply
he's disrespectful and needs to stay in his lane... 😢😢😢😚😚😚
a year ago·Reply