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ML: Morning beautiful. Wish I was there with you.
YOU: Same. How are you?
ML: Tired. Lol amazingly I don’t sleep as well without you, even taking into account extra activities.
YOU: Aww, flatterer.
ML: Just truth. Hey we have a social thing Ji wants us to tag along to. I think we’re Jak’s safety net.
YOU: No problem, that's my regular job lol. But if it’s a social event weren’t you invited?
ML: Nope. Not that high up of a celeb yet. I’m still tagging along on Ji’s coattails.
YOU: You’ll get there. You guys are starting to get more recognition. I guess I need to text Jak about a shopping spree. Love you.
ML: K. Love you too.
YOU: You have a social event this week with Ji?
JAK: Sigh. Don’t remind me, I hate those things. Fake people annoy me.
YOU: LMAO I know, so does he. Gil and I have been invited along for you.
JAK: Really?!?! YES! Day just made. You need a dress.
YOU: That would be why I’m texting.
JAK: K. Let’s meet for lunch, I saw something the other day that looked like you, we’ll just go see if it fits. We’ll be in and out.
YOU: Sounds good. See you then.
Being that Kyungil is also a celebrity, the two of you are required to walk the red carpet with Jiyong and Jak. You’ve seen them enter restaurants together but this is a new experience. Jak seems right at home on the red carpet, all her modeling skills coming to play as they stop and pose for pictures. It is a little nerve wracking for you; you need to have her show you a few things for the next time something like this happens.
This time people aren’t just stopping Jiyong and chatting but also you and Kyungil. After the first half hour you feel like your face is going to fall off and your cheeks ache from smiling.
Jak leans over and taps you, “Understand now?”
You nod and notice a couple walking in your direction. You point them out to Jak, “Isn’t that [HN]*? Are they headed this way?”
Jak glances over, smiles and waves. “Yes. That’s Eun, his fiancé. She does a lot of movies and is the nicest person you will ever meet. She has saved me at these things more times than I can count.”
They arrive in front of all of you and greet Ji and Jak first. Genuine hugs are exchanged, handshakes and real smiles. They turn to you and Kyungil.
“Gil and [YN] isn’t it? I’ve heard a lot about you.”
You must have looked terrified because he laughs, “All good I promise.”
He claps Gil on the back, “I haven’t met a man yet that doesn’t talk up his woman. If a man doesn’t, I shall endeavor to free her from such a neanderthal. Women should be appreciated, if for no other reason than for putting up with us.”
You like this man. He seems genuine and actually funny. His companion, Eun, extends her hand to you.
“I can’t fault him for being correct. I’m Eun, it’s nice to meet you.”
She gives Kyungil a hug and winks. “I always knew you had good taste if you allowed yourself to use it.”
You blush at the compliment but they continue without notice.
“We brought guests tonight so we should get back to them. We just wanted to come over, say hi and introduce ourselves. Have a good evening.”
You watch them walk back to a table where another couple are chatting and enjoying themselves. “Do you know their friends?”
Everyone looks over and shakes their heads.
Ji squints a little, “I recognize the lady from somewhere. Maybe she came to another event with them? I’ve never seen the guy before.” He shrugs and looks over at you and chucks you on the chin, “We are allowed to have real friends that aren’t in the business you know”.
You tuck your arm into Kyungils and smile up at him. “Yes, for which I am very grateful.”
The lights flicker on and off.
“Looks like it time to find our seats.”
Jiyong pulls tickets out of his breast pocket checking the seating. “Ground floor, middle.”
Kyungil looks over at him shocked. “Seriously? Aren’t you usually in the balcony or down front?”
He smiles, takes Jak’s hand and begins walking with the crowd. When it comes to a stop he leans over and kisses Jak on the forehead.
“Not so much lately.”
Jak looks down embarrassed, “I’m blind okay? I can’t help how I was born!”
Ji pulls her face back up, “I love your eyes, blind or not.”
He gets a mischievous look on his face and adds, “We both know I have no problem getting just as close as you need in order for you to see me.”
Jak is speechless and you think it’s hilarious. She reaches over and pretends to wipe away dust from his jacket.
“We’re in public; you do that to me on purpose.”
As the line starts to move again Ji’s face breaks into a giant smile and he winks,
“I sure do”.
After the lights go down and the production starts, everyone seems to relax. Cameras can still secretly watch you but not without flashes. Looking around you can see everyone become more real and settle in to enjoy the rest of their evening.
For those that don't follow my story Forbidden ... [HN] stands for His Name is your idol of choice. Forbidden and Revelry intermingled today. =]
aww... I guess I have to swap my H/N... G-Dragon is claimed!
lol no i haven't even started lmao. i have been saving it tho
awe so cute love it
ah. i was about to ask who is HN lol
So fun, and nerve wracking walking the red carpet with him. But we're official so I get to do things like this now. My worlds colliding! And Ji recognized the "other me" *nervous giggle*
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