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So I was kinda suspicious if SM was gonna release something at 9:00 am KST and my guess was right!!! The album details were given today and the only thing I can tell you is SM is gonna be loaded with money due to EXOs comeback...they already ripped us off by making us buy those vlive+ packages and now they're bringing out a new light stick and finally EXOs FOUR(versions) albums
At first I was like no way this is happening...
Then I was like seriously?!?!?!?!
Finally I just accepted the facts...
Oh and stay tuned...at 9:00 pm KST they are releasing something (guess I'm losing another day of sleep..oh well)
PS I think they are releasing all their stuff at 9 o'clock....
Remember how we were trying to guess why there were four characters in one teaser and five characters in the other??? Well in the teaser images for monster FOUR of them had numbers on their clothes...while the others didn't...(any theories guys?)
Chen has a number on his neck too.
Cheese and crackers why?! Ugh EXO's lucky I love them to bits and pieces.
I'm so glad my husband is out of town lol so he doesn't see the money I am about to spend.
There is always the fear of Sub-units wondering around in social media.
no theories please lol lets just wait or else my head is going to explode lol
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