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I'm all for relationships that help make each other stronger, and I'm all for couples pushing each other to reach their goals and dreams. I also think I can appreciate most humor? When I first saw this video, though, I really didn't think it was that funny.
It seems like the girl asked her boyfriend to help her strictly stick to a diet but....whether it was for humor or not, I couldn't get behind the name calling & harshness. You can help her be strict without being a jerk?
Still, I was willing to just accept that this is their relationship & probably mostly done for humorous purposes. Until...
I discovered the couple (I presume, I hope it's not just him...) has made a Facebook & Snapchat devoted to watching him help her diet. And I absolutely hate it.


Because while I get that this couple is probably fine and knows each others limits, is doing this together, I hate that there are going to be other boyfriends and girlfriends out there who see this and think "this is how I'm going to treat my S.O."
And that is not cool.
This one's even worse: done for humor or not, pretending to make her throw up her cheat day food? Yeah, that's disgusting.
According to everything he's said, she did ask him to help her diet, but he should be doing that in a nicer way, even if she did ask him to be harsh. I get that a lot of this is probably played up for humor, but I really don't find it funny at all.
Being that demeaning while helping someone shape up is totally unnecessary, especially when they're someone you're supposed to love and support. And other people might see the humor of this, but they might totally miss that point.
I have no issue with him helping her diet and reminding her when she's out of line, but calling her a pig and telling her she won't get any likes on Instagram (and not in a funny way) seems over extreme. It's totally fine if she wants to tone up (even though she's already slim) but stuff like this from someone you love? Yeah, that's how people grow to be self-conscious and self-loathing.
I get that it's being over done for humor's sake. But I just can't get behind the joke.

Am I being way too sensitive, or is this just....too much?

His actions, regardless of whether or not she has asked for his help, are flat out ABUSIVE! My hubs spent time working for a bariatric clinic while doing his clinical rotations - he has a particular sensitivity for helping both of us meet our health goals, while being positive, loving, and AFFIRMING! I can't count how many times a day I hear, "good job" or "you're doing great" - especially when I'm having a melt down over not having any real carbs for 2 months (I'm Italian, so it's a huge deal for me). She seriously needs to drop him off at the nearest chicken nugget drive-thru and never look back!! 鈾♀櫋
damn that guy is a prick. you don't make a girl feel bad you never name call like that you don't shame. he should be punched repeatedly in the stomach for being a jerk. a girl who wants to stick to a diet needs support and love and someone to hold her up and reward and congratulate. I really despise that guy. and that says a lot. I don't usually despise people
Yeah if this was meant to be a joke it failed >:(
Ew what the hell? My boyfriend jokes about me helping him with his diet because he's incapable of leaving food on the plate even when he's full but we know that its all sort of a joke? And if she's seriously asking for help than you should be supportive and kind not insane like this dude!
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