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I had a roommate in college that was really, really high strung.

She is a perfectionist and when things get a little bit out of control she looses her marbles.

The only thing you could do was smile and nod as she ranted, because if you DARED to use the words "calm down" she would go into full freak-out mode.

DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN was shouted so many times my senior year that I lost count.

Does anyone else have a phrase or a pet peeve that sends them off the deep end?

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Calling someone (or leaving a post) with the single word "rude". Yeah, I know it's supposed to be funny- but just saying "rude" is actually rude.
My best friend is like that
I really have no idea at the moment cx I'm really a calm person and it takes a lot too piss me off.