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When I was working at Starbucks, me and all the other baristas were constantly hanging out after hours. We'd throw potlucks, pop by happy hours, and go to karaoke for one of our birthdays. And we'd talk about work the ENTIRE time.
(In fact, I'm 99% sure if we didn't all relate over things like cranky customers and gross beverage orders, we probably wouldn't have had anything in common.)

Do you ever hang out with your co-workers? Is work the only thing you all seem to ever talk about?

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@nicocoup Lol, I used to have two co-workers that both watched Naruto and when they realized they were both Naruto fans, it was like an instant bromance.
@danidee anime is real xD
@nicocoup It brings the people together, that's for sure.
naw it's different for me because I'm military....so your "Co works" end up becoming life long friends that you share everything with
@danidee WOOOO