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Buying and collecting a pack of colorful butterfly clips was my hobby. Back in the 90s, this was the coolest hair accessory. The clips were used to secure twists, braids and bangs. It was obviously chic until high school. I still secretly love the look and use it sometimes to keep loose hair off my face. It's handy! Here's a flashback of the celebrities that also adore butterfly clips.

Kristen Dunst and butterfly clip updo!

Mandy Moore during the Princess Diaries OST promotion.

Melissa Joan Hart rocking the butterfly clips on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Britney also joined the Butterfly Club while filming Crossroads.

Finally, Hilary Duff on the set of Lizzie McGuire nailing the half-up butterfly look.

Talking about Lizzie McGuire, here's a song that'll bring back your 90s childhood.
@HairConfetti I had almost 75 at first, but I kept losing them, thats why I gave the rest to my gma. I think there are about 29 left
@ScarletMermaid OMG! That must've hurt so bad!
i gave them to my grandma so I wouldnt lose them when i was little... she still has them
i like them i personally not much into fashion on myself but i will wear them.
I was obsessed with those!! Until my friend left one on the floor and me being myself didn't see it and crawled right on top of it. It was embedded in my knee and I still have the scar lol 😂😂
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