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Hopefully all Kpop fans have already had their hearts ripped out thanks to this song, but I wanted to make sure EVERYONE has seen this at least once.

Taeyang is one of the most emotional Kpop artists, and his song Wedding Dress will hit you right in the feels.

It starts out with Taeyang getting ready for a wedding, while we get flashbacks to his life with his best guy and girl friend.

More and more we see the story unfold and, paired with the lyrics, its absolutely heart breaking.

Check out the video with English subtitles below!

Anyone else think this deserves a full movie?!

Yes and that one kwill mv
yesssssssss made me sad
@MonAnnahiX It's the one where the guy rips the pic and puts the other guy next to himself. So, if that's the one you're thinking of, 'Please Don't...' is the name of that song/MV.
OMG! Yes! I need this in my life! And the K.Will song everyone is talking about. It's called 'Please Don't...' btw. If either of these turned into a movie, or even a K-Drama, I would be beyond excited! ^-^
omg yes I was crying when I first watched this
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