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Enjoy a refreshing iced coffee in the morning! Coffee is used to make the ice cubes instead of water, so the drink never becomes watered down. The cubes slowly melt in the warm milk, releasing the coffee as you sip. You can add cocoa powder to satisfy your morning sweet tooth! Ingredients: - 6 oz coffee - 4 tsp cocoa powder - 6 oz milk 1. Start by brewing some coffee. 2. Let coffee cool a bit and pour into the ice tray. For this recipe, fill at least six 1-ounce cubes. Let ice set in the freeze 3. Once your coffee cubes are frozen (let them set overnight) add cocoa powder to the bottom of your glass. 4. Warm the milk and pour two ounces into the glass with the cocoa powder and stir until completely dissolved. 5. Next, fill your glass with coffee ice cubes. Use six cubes, for approximately six ounces of coffee. Feel free to adjust the amount of cubes if you want more or less coffee flavor. 6. Finally, add the remaining milk and stir. The warm milk will slowly melt the coffee ice cubes, leaving you with an exceptionally refreshing morning treat.
looks good..dude
@Goyo we have a mini fridge too :( im not sure if our office has ice cube trays.. lol...
@rachelykim yea that seems like a good idea but ur job has a fridge? We only have a mini-fridge at my office kinda sucks lol
@happyrock you should try it out :)
I love the look of this! cool post
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