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hello all my lovelies!

BBMG back at it again but with ladies! funny thang we are all ladies ha! Today I will be bragging about this lovely woman...


Stage Name: Gilme (길 미) Real Name: Gi Mi Hyeon ( 길 미 혀) born on August 10, 1985 (30) in Daegu, South Korea she 162 cm tall (5'3") and her blood type B twitter: @gilmebaby IG: gilmebaby
when i did my homework it says she in either GYM or SS entertainments. either or but it is for sure she was in the group Clover. Gilme was even in Unpretty Rapper 2... I listen to her solo and group tracks and they are sick... Gilme made my special list for my girl musicians...and I'm picky haha.
Sweet.. I'm gonna have to listen to her tracks
😍😍😍 Gilme I love her!!! she's amazing too!!