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Okay... So before I start this card, there is a warning and that is... Enter at your own risk. I don't know what's hotter, the fact that these 9 boys are amazing or their new looks are just -dies- Ahh~
Park Chanyeol. 61
Oh Sehun 64
Kim Jongin - Kai 88
Byun Baekhyun 04
Do Kyungsoo - D.O. 12
Zhang Yixing - Lay 10 [That lip ring though ;)]
Kim Jongdae - Chen 21 [something about him entice me]
Kim Junmyeon - Suho 01 (This is why his fighting with Xiumin for first place)
Kim Minseok - Xiumin 99 (Then last is my hubby Xiumin no matter what or how he looks he always has this look to him to make me only have eyes for him... It's nuts) And that lip ring with the chain.... -dead- My Kpop Fam: @RochelleRose @UKissMeKevin @EmilyPeacock @Winx9119 @evieevelyn @BBxGD @TheEnlightment
oppa I don't want the candy I'll come for free
Xiumin and Lay are bae and the lip ring makes it even better.
@selfishmachines 👿👿👿 don't worry so much he will be in safe hands
@Winx9119 yea better not.. I'm watching you Maknae 😈
I want Xiumin to be my hubby now Lol Jk I won't take him from you Unnie