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Guys I have a question... so this is the second post I see about a guy asking girls to do this ti their nails. I love anime, I love games, I would do this nails for myself, not to please a guy.. so I want to know Guys do nails really please you? do you want her to ask you about the color? really? girls do you care about pleasing a guy with your nail color? would you do this just to impress? I just don't get it!!!! @moisesgaray
it's a clear sign that you're a Otaku and maybe it'd get you attention from otaku guys but I'm not sure if it's specifically attractive.
I as a girl wouldn't go so far as to please a guy by decorating my nails. However I would gladly have my nails dome to represent Dragon Ball Z to simply please my inner Z fighter.
I'm not pleasing you just because you like DBZ and me waiting my money at a nail salon to get that painted.....cause I will do that for me and it will have knb instead
@Ticasensei dam so sad they need to calm down there
if my old lady was into anime...I wouldn't ask her to paint her nails anime characters...I would just show her and be like yo this is dope...and if she wanted to than paint her nails like that than that's cool...if she didn't that's cool too
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