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BAP!!! I'm dying XD Papa Yongguk must gather the babies kekeke All you need is Youngjae doing that weird jumping up and down thing that he does when he's excited, on top of your bed XD I can imagine Yongguk walking in. "*sigh* I'm sorry ma'am. I just *sigh* I don't know what to do anymore. Do you know any good day cares in the area? Ah, that's right you're sleeping." Walks over to the bed while pulling out his phone. "Can I get your number so that we talk more about this later? I'm new in town. I really don't know a damn thing about this place. I can barely find a gas station, let alone a decent babysitter." In a daze you give him your number. He flashes that Kodak smile. "Thank you so much. I'll be in touch K?" Grabs Youngjae's arm and pulls him off of your bed. Lightly smacks Daehyun on the head and points to the door. Looks down in disappointment at Zelo on the floor, then grabs his ear and walks toward the door with him. As he's closing the door he looks back and apologizes once more. well.....I just wrote a fucking scenario in a comment XD
@SugaOnTop @mrsjeon They fell in love despite the hardships of raising 5 adult men that act like children. They got married and now she is the proud step mother of BAP. #EatYourHeartOutHimchan
THIS COULD ALL BE FANFICS mingyu I'll bitch slap ur ass I swear
I swear I've never laughed so hard in my entire life! But honestly if Block B screamed I put slap them, like no don't wake me up. But it could be worse, what if they werr all in your room waking you up, my room isn't big enough for 100+ people and I would probably scream with them or just jump out my window. I could see Woozi, Jackson, and Jungkook banging pots and pans together and Seungkwan playing Son Dambi's Queen.
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