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@MadAndrea I cry 馃槩 perfection
Omg lmfao XD
I swear I've never laughed so hard in my entire life! But honestly if Block B screamed I put slap them, like no don't wake me up. But it could be worse, what if they werr all in your room waking you up, my room isn't big enough for 100+ people and I would probably scream with them or just jump out my window. I could see Woozi, Jackson, and Jungkook banging pots and pans together and Seungkwan playing Son Dambi's Queen.
@mrsjeon just letting you know I might make this into a legit fan fiction lol not my sarcastic whipped together ending XD
Lmao bts! Why yoongi just why? And for super junior could it be Siwon talking about Ryeowook