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To the Love & Relationship Community:
I noticed that a few people have been feeling down or are having a rough time out there in the real world, and I just wanted to remind everyone that we're all here for each other!
I know we don't know each other well yet, but from every interaction I've had with you guys you've been awesome people and I genuinely wish you all the best with whatever you do.

If you're in need of a shoulder to lean on, advice, or just someone to listen please know that we're all here for you!

Comment below if you're also willing to be reached out to whenever someone needs a little support.

Thanks for being such a great community, and I hope everything starts looking up for everyone!

I don't think anyone of us here is an expert but we can all do our best. I'm here to Lend a shoulder or a helping hand. just get a hold of me.
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It's hard for me to express my emotions sometimes, but I am a wonderful listener. If anyone needs me, just inbox me. I'll listen. ♡♡
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I can try and help any of you, granted I'm not a super expert but I will try and help.
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I'm here to help since I'm on the front lines with many singles. I feel ya all
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Im here for all! xD
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