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I'm late I know sumìmásé Today we have the adorable Nagisa Shiota. Watch out it's a trap! Nagisa is indeed a male. He's so feminine it's too hard to tell. Nagisa is a cute bundle of joy and moe! But be warned, Nagisa can hide his bloodlust really well. Make him really mad ohohoho all I can tell you is to RUN. Underneath all that bloodlust he's just a fluffy bunny.
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@Haidurr Oh dear...
@NeckoNecko I fall for traps too easily it makes me sad and confused all the time ;-;
@Haidurr It's ok I do that too because that's what anime does sometimes.... Anime has way too many traps
@NeckoNecko friggin Nagisa and Fujisaki other than those two I haven't seen any but there the two I fell for so I have a 2 for 2 when it comes to falling for traps
@Haidurr Still traps or not I would definitely date them