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I apologize for any broken hearts or menboongs caused by this post.

Song Joong Ki - Poisonous Tongue

Lee Seung Gi - Return

Seo In Guk - Seasons of the Heart

Lee Minho - Painful Love

Jang Geun Suk - Promise

Kim Soo Hyun - Only You One Person

Kim Jae Wook - Seoul Witch

Who else do you love that sings?!

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i love that k drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun so beautiful BUT be warned you will get the feels 😢, but its worth watching thats for sure i recommend it it has my approval... and does anyone have k drama recommendations i would really appreciate it ☺
@adritha13 I was going to say the same thing 😂😂
oh and lets not forget Lee Hyun Woo from Moorim School
Minho and Joong Ki sing?! I had no idea
@primodiva93 yeah soong ki sung the song 정말 (really) from his show No Such Thing As Nice Guys