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It was really interesting reading everyone's thought about work uniform. I don't mind wearing the same outfit to work. I actually think it's practical and save much more time in deciding what to wear but I understand it can get boring. Interestingly, this morning I read Condé Nast, the publisher for Vogue, is including a 6-months employee discount to Rent the Runway's "Unlimited" subscription.

For those of you new to Rent the Runway, it's a "Netflix model for haute couture" that started in 2009 and became one stop dress renting e-commerce shop.

Their clothing selection has expanded to tops, skirts, accessories and more. Due to the successful launch the fashion company added an "unlimited" selection for one monthly price. The "unlimited" subscription allow subscribers to choose up to 3 pieces at a time. Return the clothes at your own convenience and select another set of clothes to try.
Basically, for a price of $139, you can have access to a full closet of designer wear. Well, if you're an employee of Conde Nast, you're paying $90/month. The only catch is you can't actually keep the clothes.
I think this concept sounds fun for one month especially if you want to get a taste of slipping on designer dresses. I can't see it as a long term investment but more of a treat. Perhaps on your birthday month when you want to feel like princess in a Derby dress.
@petname83 I agree as a treat
I think it is a reasonable option for special occassions. I don't want a closet full of clothes I may wear once or twice.
would have loved this for my birthday
So are all the clothes you rent in your size? or only the XXS that models wear?
I agree with @EasternShell. I think it'd be a little wasteful to spend $139 each month on clothes I would only wear once ot twice, but as a special treat sure why not?
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