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This drama is awesome!!! Korean drama featuring new group Neoz and AOA !

honestly I saw this drama on my netfix feed and I was like ok let me see what this is about. I fell in love right after the 5 minutes of it lol The story is about a girl, a very unlucky girl ( as some would see it) however.. there are 4 boys that like her ( so she really is lucky) and it all goes from there as the story unravels and shows us the boy and her mishaps.
click your heart is fun and new ! at the end of the episode it has two options, and on the next episode it shows the one option and then skips one episode to show what if it had been the other option and so on for every end of the episode every 2 options.. I hope I explained it well lol
the beautiful girls from AOA can be seen in some episodes so far... I'm only in episode 4 so yeah.. but these girls are super cute! and of course the main girl is super adorable!
So this drama is a launch for neoz, a new 9 boy dancing group. which was to come out this year and it has by this kdrama... pretty smart if you ask me.. I mean these guys are gorgeous! the drama makes them look even more gorgeous and I love every single character! it's hard to choose who you like best!
so these are the main guys! The sporty guy, the smart guy, the lines and the dancer.. they are adorable and all tied up someone to the main star, with each episode you find more and more about the individual stories.
obviously I'm watching this because it's one heck of a drama...
If you guys want to get into something new, watch this! you can watch it on drama fever or netflix ! it's funny and adorable as well. it has one season so far and 7 episodes( 30 minutes each) I super recommend it. @AnnaArai @alekxb5 @AliciaStransky @AmandaOwnbey @AnnieGoodman @ArielaPicazo @amandamuska @alittlejoy @armystarlight @AshleyAndino @ARMYStarlight @aliciasalinas @Angelblue @adikillerC @amobigbang @AlmaRangel B: @babrajan1 @bangtanella @BekiKunstman @Bitterlimelight @btsgotshinee @B1A4BTS5ever @BluBear07 @briannan C: @clovershadows @CocatolaOtaku @CheyenneJessee @ChelseaJay @ChavaBerry @christianliu @CassidyRoush @sosoaloraine23 D: @Dabaesaplayer @dreemer13 @destiny1419 @DesireeChucklez @DreaG1518 @DulceOjeda @DayzC E: @exobts947 @elinwyatt @Elena166 @Emealia F: @funnelcakeboo G: @glo86 H: @herreravanessa9 @hyolouxx @H7zAngel I: @inuyashagal @ivyvega1245 @ImanLMamdouh @ILikeHisFace123 J: @JazzyJazJaz @JasmineWilliams @julissaMartinez @Jiyongixoxo @jasminewilliams @johnevans @justcallmekyki @JukiLove @JosiTorres @JadeNarine @JasminPerez @jiminsabs @jazgaara33 @JessicaFigueroa K : @krin @kyky97 @KatieRussell @Kpossible4250 @KellyOConnor @KeziahWright @Kpoplover20 @KpopGaby @kpopbunny9 @kpopandkimchi @Kyokeo @KPopFandom @Kyokeo @KathyCrew @kwaja @kmeier230 @krin @KokoroNoTakara L: @Lizzeh @lizanightshade M: @madandrea @MonAnnahix @minimonkey07 @Maddie27 @Michelleibarra @moonchild03 @mandynoona @mayracastro N: @nerdy3000 @NerukaWong @NicoleGoodrich @NinjaGirlEmber @nenegrint14 O: P: @poojas @PrettieeEmm @passthesuga Q: R: @Rhia @rosajlm2 @raenel @ryannkayla S: @SimplyAwkward @SunshineChang @StephaniePoore @saraortiz2002 @seventeenbias @Sharong @shannonl5 @sarangseoitang @SunnaWalo @staceyholley @SusiBosshammer @SugaOnTop @skyrollins @StephersTaylor @squishyseokjin @SilentPianist @swimrocks05 @SierraBecerra @Simba14 @Stefany17 @SamanthaRae19 @SarangRavi @SkyRollins @sugakookie @StephanieDuong @sherrysahar @Sammie99522 T: @ToppDogg @TLeahEdwards @TiffanyBibian @tannyo @tinaechle @thePinkPrincess @thatoneoutcast @terratoyasi @TeaeraHarrell U: @UnnieCakesAli V: @VioletaDelRio @vyntnguyen24 @VKookie47 @valerie816 @vixenvivi @VeronicaArtino @vlargos @VIPFreak2NE1 W: X: @xsandos17 @xojuliettexox @XionHeart @xXYGXx @xxxtina Y: @YaehyungV.
Honestly I think everyone should check out Neoz Dance and Neoz band. Neoz dance is the group the drama is about, they're dancing is absolutely amazing and Neoz band is a group they're competing against to debut. Neoz band is amazing as well!
@otakukpoper I loved it too =) but it was so short =( wish there was more
I love this drama馃槝
@Ticasensei the outcome with the best friend the last episode was too confusing at first
@LocoForJiyong like the last episode you mean? I liked the last espisode but I was like? wheres the next.. I was so confused
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