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(This is what it looked like Sunday when I got it) Okay please tell me why my mom doesnt believe me if Im sick or in pain?? When Im in pain she is like it doesnt hurt that bad blah blah. Bitch are you in my body,are you connected to my nervous system. No? I didnt think so.
(Today) I have this bite or whatever on my knee and I cant bend my knee or my skin stretches and it hurts like a bitch. It even burns and itches. Who are you telling me what I can or cannot feel...???!!! Okay im done..
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@LocoForJiyong its added now its on the top
I'd get it checked out
@MrsBangYongguk ahhhh and yeah I agree with @bohokim21 since it's obviously gotten bigger I would go to the doctor
try and keep it somewhat clean so it doesn't get infected any more then it is. I know it'll hurt and burn but use rubbing alcohol and neosporin don't cover it up with a bandaid but definitely do get it checked out
I agree with choijiah. you can also put ice on it to ease the swelling and take an anti-inflammatory. a bite shouldn't hurt all the way down to the muscle. hopefully it's just bruised.