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So This is a new Fan fic I'm starting with B.A.P. The first chapter is mostly introductory for the main character. (I have this writers thing where I need to create a character thus I don't do the 'insert name here' like others I have seen. Just wanted to let you know before you start reading)
Finally done with cosmetology school and high school I was so happy. I was going to enter the real world, do work in Mario Tricoci's, at least that was what I planned once I got back from my summer vacation. I had gotten my parents to agree to let me go off to South Korea for the summer. I had several friends online who lived there and was excited to finally meet them. My friend Krystal set up a room at the boarding house she lives at so I had a place to stay. Everything was set and ready. All I had to do was board the plane tomorrow. I was at the computer talking to a couple people online and hanging out with my best friend Marly. “Who are you going to be staying with out there?” Marly asked as she played with my tigger stuffed animal. “I’m staying with Krystal. She’s just out of high school as well” I told her. “I can’t believe I have to go the whole summer without seeing you” Marly whined. “It’s just the summer, I’ll be back before you know it” I reassured her. “I’ll tell Krystal and Ji lyn you wish you could be there” I told her. “So are you talking to Krystal right now?” she asked pointing to the computer. “No I’m actually talking to someone else. He has the username Him19” I told her. “Does he have a profile page?” she asked. “Just a bunch of pictures of B.A.P “ I told her. “So he’s a fan boy? That’s cool. I don’t think I have any guys I know who are” Marly said. “You do know I’m not that bad. I like kpop music, more than most american” I shrugged. “Well look at what we have, justin bieber” she laughed. “Oh, but he’s canadian” I told her. “That’s true.” she sighed. “So do you want to help me pack? I leave tomorrow” I said finishing up typing my message to Him19. I had told him how I was going to be flying out to Seoul tomorrow and I would talk to him when I arrived. We had already exchanged phone numbers and snapchat info, just like how I had exchanged numbers with Krystal and Ji lyn. Once I got there I was going to contact them all. Probably through snapchat since I could just hook up to the internet at the airport and wasn’t sure my phone service would work. Krystal was picking me up from the airport. Him19 has said that he would meet me there until I told him that I was already having someone pick me up. The conversation ended shortly after that with me telling him that I had to pack and get ready for tomorrow. “Do you know the guy's name at least?” Marly went back to the previous conversation as she helped me pack clothes into my suitcase. I was stuffing a bunch of shirts, skirts, and pants into pouches so that I could fit more in there. “Are you taking dresses?” she asked as she held up my black and white dresses. “Yes, those two and the two short summer ones” I told her nodding. “And no, he hasn’t told me, i’ve just been referring to him as Him. Even on his snapchat he is Him419. He lives with five other guys. I don’t know how he does that so many people in a small house” I said. “Do you know anything else about him?” she asked. I stopped packing to think. Did I know anything else. “Yea I do. He is very musical, he know’s how to play a bunch of instruments. I’m kind of jealous, he know’s how to play the guitar and piano. You know I’ve always wanted to play piano and I suck at guitar” I told her and she laughed. “That sounds like he’s a musician of some kind” Marly said. “Doesn’t it, although I’m not sure if he is or not. He mostly just talks about sleep, food, coffee, he likes photography and outdoor activities” I told her thinking of the things he mostly talks about. “And he yells at me when I skip meals” I added laughing. He didn’t really yell he mostly just uses all caps or bold font and nags about how I should eat and how much coffee I drink. I’m a coffee nut, so what. Marly started laugh. “Oh my, Lena you sound like you know all about him besides his name” Marly pointed out making me laugh. “Well I’ve been talking to him for a while now. He posts a lot of gif’s on snapchat too” I added. “Lena, do you like him” Marly cooed. I started packing once again. I was almost finished. “How could I, I’ve never even met him” I said blushing. “That doesn’t matter. You know more about him than I know about my own boyfriend” Marly said. “If you think your not into him than I wouldn’t believe you one bit, so don’t bother” she added. “Well you never know what he could be like in person and besides like he would be interested.” I told her which made her laugh. “Lena, with that strawberry blonde diagonal forward hair style you are adorable and your thin and fit. Your pretty now stop fishing for compliments from me” she said making me look at myself. I wasn’t that small, but I wasn’t big, at a size 9 I didn’t feel stick thin but I also didn’t have much fat on me either, the only reason I had to get extra large shirts was because I had double d’s that made it hard to get smaller sizes, especially with dresses. I had just changed my hair to a lighter red and cut my waist length hair to just above my shoulders. Cosmo did numbers on me making me play with color, but I finally cut my hair at the very end. “By the way, how do you like the new hairdo?” she asked pointing to it. “I’m still getting used to it. I’m used to have my hair so long it’s strange not having to put it up in a ponytail or messy bun just so that it doesn’t fly all over the place” I told her. “So are you done packing?” she asked as I finished putting the last pouch into the luggage bag. “Yea, that was the last bit of it” I said sitting on the bed. “Soo, am I going to the airport with you tomorrow?” she asked me. “Are you wanting to drop me off?” I questioned. “Well duh, I thought that was obvious.” she sat down next to me. “What time are you leaving tomorrow?” she questioned. “I leave at 3 to get there. My flight is an overnight one so it leaves at 6 something” I told her. “Oh yey, we have the day to play than” she added.
So I don't have a cover picture for the story, thus just putting picture of B.A.P up! Hope you enjoy them!
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