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Waaaaaah! Hello everyone!
Sorry this is getting posted so late. It has been quite the day, let me tell ya. Anywho, let's go ahead and get started!
To continue this series of Korean Skin Care Routine cards we are moving onto the next step in the process:
Exfoliators and Sugar Scrubs! WOOHOO!
Seriously, I'm so excited about this card because this is one of my favorite steps in my skin care routine so just be prepared for a lengthy card. You have been warned.
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Feel free to ask me questions about anything but my answers will mostly be experience/opinion based, I AM NOT A DERMATOLOGIST :P
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Also just an FYI, my skin type is very very sensitive that leans more toward the dry side.
Now let's get started! ヾ(。・ω・)シ
The fourth step in my face cleansing routine is an exfoliator or a sugar scrub. I didn't realize how important this step was until I actually started doing it. Seriously. You have NO idea how much nasty is on your face until you go and exfoliate it and then you completely surprise yourself.
When I started my Korean skin care adventure, let's call it KSCA, I didn't originally work this step in until about a month into it. I did more research on sugar scrubs because everyone seemed to like them, they worked and so on. Now I can't live without an exfoliator of some type.
You use exfoliators differently so I'm not going to give you a generic how to use. Instead as I explain the types I have used/use I will explain how to use them.

The one thing I will point out is that you DO NOT want to over exfoliate. This will damage your skin. You really only want to do it max of 3 times a week and of course, it depends on the product. Some products suggest you do it only once a week. Please read the instructions of the product you purchase for exfoliating and follow its suggestion.

I also want to point out that Korea's exfoliating game is strong. Actually correction, most of Asia's exfoliating game is strong. It's common that in traditional Korean bath houses you (can) get your entire body scrubbed (aka hardcore exfoliated) to the point that the top lay or skin is removed. Intense if you ask me!
Exfoliating has a number of benefits to it. By exfoliating the tired, dead cells off of your skin helps speed up the skin renewal process and allows for healthy cells to take their place. It helps to brighten your complexion, smooth your skin, reduces wrinkles/lines and keeps your skin soft!
I'm honestly just going to jump right on in and explain my ultimate favorite exfoliating product.
This product right here, Cure Natural Aqua Gel, was sent from the heavens to make your beauty shine and say "Look at me, I'm gorgeous."
This product is actually a Japanese product and not Korean. It is an all natural exfoliator that doesn't have those annoying little beads, no scratchy extras and no burn when using it. It's super easy to use and it takes off so much dead skin from your face that you will be surprised.
I bought this after doing some research and decided to give it a shot. I instantly fell in love and started to convince pretty much every person in my family that yes, they needed this in their life.
The way this product works is that once you have a clean freshly washed face, you make sure it is completely dry.

***I want to point out that when drying your face PAT your face dry, do NOT rub your face, it's bad for your skin.

Once your face is dry you can take up to 5 pumps of this miracle gel and you rub your face with your fingers. Massage your face in counter-clockwise circles slowly and gently. You can add a bit of pressure but you don't want to be too rough. As you massage your face you will feel/see all the dead skin coming off of your face. Be sure to rub in those difficult places such as your nose area. But once you decide you have gotten all the skin off you can rinse your face off with water and then move on to the next step.
Since I do struggle with acne a bit this exfoliator actually made a major difference. I noticed any breakouts that I had were healing faster and breakouts were fewer. Now anymore it isn't very often i have a breakout and if I do it is only a few spots, nothing like before.
I honestly could talk about this product for days because I love it so much. I buy it in bulk... ┗(・o・)┛
If you are interested in purchasing this product (I highly suggest you do, seriously.) click here
It's not exactly a product but it is an amazing exfoliating tool. Silk cocoons!
Silk cocoons have been around for pretty much ever and have been used by the women of Asia since the dawn of time.
These little puppies are like soft wonderful sponges that fit on your fingers and really get down into the pores of your face. They are created by the fibers produce by silkworms and contain sericin. Sericin is a common protein found in anti-aging creams. The cocoons also contain about 19 amino acids that are needed by your skin to kill different microorganisms that hang out on your skin. Silk cocoons are also known to help speed up the healing process as well, so when you have bad acne it helps heal it without irritating it.
The way you use them is to get them just a bit damp, put them onto your fingers (which you really only need them on your index fingers) and then start scrubbing your face. Once you are finished throw them away. It does feel a bit weird but trust me it is worth it.
When using these I don't use them all over my face (though you can). I focus on different areas that are more difficult to exfoliate. Such as around my nose, eyes, jawline and hairline.
Overall they are great. They help exfoliate those are to reach areas and also help shrink the appears of my pores and get rid of blackheads. If you would like to purchase some you can click here
Before I purchased the product made by the gods (Cure Natural Gel) I was using the MIZON Honey Black Sugar Scrub.
I liked it well enough but it wasn't my favorite. I used it about every other day or every few days. I did notice a difference in the texture of my skin and how soft it felt when using this product. However, being a suffer of acne I felt as if my acne was only getting worse when using this product.
As I have mentioned a few times, I'm not one to really use a washcloth to rinse off my face with. But with this product it was a must. It did leave a bit of a residue and I noticed that if I wasn't using a washcloth to rinse my face off, my pores were getting clogged and my blackheads were just getting worse.
I did like the product, but I probably won't ever use it again. I have (obviously) found other products that I love much more that do what I'm wanting it to do.
If you are interested in trying out this sugar scrub you can click here
Another sugar scrub I have tried is the Organic Fiji Sugar Polish.
It was very gentle on the skin and it did make my skin feel smooth. I just wasn't in love with it. It didn't seem to work as well as the first sugar scrub as an exfoliator and felt somewhat heavy on my skin. It did do really well about making it feel soft, but because of that when it came time for other steps, by the time I was done with my routine it felt like I had 10 pounds of moisturizer on my face.
It's also difficult to get out of the container because it is hard. You have to "melt" it in order to get it out of the container and it's annoying... And because it solidifies it makes it difficult to actually use on your skin.
This product was something I ended up giving away to a friend to try and they seem to like it well enough. I know they don't use it often because they felt similar to how I did.
Though if you are intersted in trying this out go ahead and click here
Well that concludes this card guys! Adding this step into my skin care routine has seriously turned the tides on how healthy my skin looks and feels. Never will I go without this step again. I suggest you hop on the exfoliating train, because you will only see great benefits!
Of course, these are my own opinions/experiences with these products. Feel free to ask questions but remember I'm not an expert
Next time: Toners!
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Just because they are adorable, you should totally consider purchasing a headband like the one pictured above. I have one and I love it. Who doesn't want to look completely adorable while you exfoliate that face of yours!? ヾ(・ω・*)ノ
If you want one you can click here
Cure Natural Aqua Gel really is made by the gods...the first time I used it, it seemed like years of dead skin cells were coming off and my skin has never been brighter or softer after using it.
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