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In this short video, we are given examples of how to end a relationship without having to say "I want to break up..."

1. Do horrible things to him

Break his stuff, act insane, be super jealous.

2. Ghost him

Go *poof* and disappear from his life completely.

3. Smother him....with love

Make him think you're OBSESSED.

Watch to see what she chooses!

I've been in a similar situation.

I try to make our relationship unhappy so that we can "mutually" decide to end it. I'd rather have him bring it up than me, though I think I'm getting better at it and am proud of people that have the guts to break up honestly.

Have you ever had to break up with someone before? Have you been broken up with?

I'm a big fan of acting like adults in a relationship, (pretend if you have to...) and just speaking to one another. If you can't do that much, then you aren't going to have a successful relationship with Anyone. Communicate!!! When it's over, it Tell your partner that you want to be apart and tell them why. It's definitely more respectful to you both! :) <3
Thank you very much for this. I will print it and hang it on the corkboard where my wife can see it.
Yeah I have been in this situation lol I try to be very honest. Breaking up with someone is NOT easy
been with only one person and we grew apart 馃槬
......You've got to be kidding me
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