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In this short video, we are given examples of how to end a relationship without having to say "I want to break up..."

1. Do horrible things to him

Break his stuff, act insane, be super jealous.

2. Ghost him

Go *poof* and disappear from his life completely.

3. Smother him....with love

Make him think you're OBSESSED.

Watch to see what she chooses!

I've been in a similar situation.

I try to make our relationship unhappy so that we can "mutually" decide to end it. I'd rather have him bring it up than me, though I think I'm getting better at it and am proud of people that have the guts to break up honestly.

Have you ever had to break up with someone before? Have you been broken up with?

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been with only one person and we grew apart 馃槬
all my relationships have ended with a smile they understood thats all there is to it
wow ok in short at 19 i was with a guy he spent 6ish months kinda almost living with me. then we BOTH drank a lot Usually 3/4 nights tho i worked p/t he did work when he could so fun a lot, we had similar interests. (CANT say why) an event meant he vanished one day and i did get com by phone/letter for 2yr then Silence. ok id got a rebound and married then hes txting and fb msg me couple timep a yr. always ending them with loml i thought he meant lol (odd way to end msg) i leave my H after 8 yrs(violence etbj) and mx ex is in my town living i see him out one day and spk. Loml he said is LOVE OF MY LIFE im then 27 and he 44. Amazing my life is transformed IM happy/get confidence We are in LOVE. 2yrs in he starts doing most of those shit things ghosting / being a twat etc but always within days we make up. we both have steady lives but More and more he leaves/is mean/doesnt NEED to kiss me. we are apart now Months of *reasns to wait to be ok/trying to be his friend/havieg great meals like we did/my questioning do u want me? finally NO he doesnt feel the spark (i do) i say how can u when im on edge never knowing If He stayp/goes.
i CANT deal with it/a few wks bk we were good we talkd bout the future (he Was waiting for treatment - past probs causing emotional/intimacy issuer etc) but wantd tn keep us/make us etc
I have broken up with someone, and I was planning to make her not like me by being rude, but my dad said that from experience, it's best to be honest. I feel it was better that way. I hate hurting others, but I value honesty.