First day of work at my new job....boy did I forget why I was avoiding food service jobs!!! But...a job is a job, and I have mouths to pay and kids to feed. Since it was Thursday, I wasn't really expecting to do much...I thought it would be slow, and I'd spend a lot of time twiddling.As my luck would have it, they said it was the busiest Thursday they'd ever seen...even busier than a Saturday. As busy as it was, I was a little worried about keeping up. But my new co-workers said I did great and even expressed their gratitude, extensively. The cooks even begged me to come back, asking that such a crazy night not scare me off. They don't have anything to worry about, I'm at my best when it's hectic, and I like it better that way, too. So, now I'm going to soak my lovely swollen feet and rest for my next shift. Goodnight friends!
Every time.... Every. Single. Time. XD
they always choose the dirty over clean why?
Getting a good pair of insoles helped me a whole lot when I was working food service. I would use the Dr. Scholls arthitis care one because it really helped support my knees.