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So I got bored and wanted to make a card but what should I make it about I asked myself? So I decided to make it about my favorite series of the Spring Season and one of my favorite shows of all time Assassination Classroom. I'm not going to be making this a review but plan on it in the future once the series is finished . So far I have enjoyed this season a lot more than the first it has been giving the feelys in which my heelys can not help me escape from. Like every episode since 14 has made me tear up and its not because they're sad(even though they kinda are) but because I know it keeps getting closer to the end and I don't want that.If they can't save him I don't think I could handle Kuro-Sensei dying one of my favorite anime characters of all time, also with the most class about to separate going to different high schools its all just killing me ;-;.
So I'm making this card to ask the Vingle community how do you all feel about the second season of Assassination Classroom?
This is my fav show right now :) love koro-sensei and really wish he doesn't die I just watched the latest ep earlier and I know the rest of the season is gonna kill me :/ lol but this show is really really good not many shows can pull off having this many important characters and also make them endearing tots gonna b sad when it ends
Pretty much same as you, sounds like! Insta-favorite, and it just keeps getting better! I don't care how satisfying the ending is, I will miss it dearly😳
@Leolaring I'm sad just think about it ending ;-;