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Thunder boomed around your house causing your dog Minnie to run under the bed. "Minnie! Come on it's ok!" You say trying to get her out. "I will get her" a voice said behind you. You were startled at first then you realized your boyfriend got home from "work". "Ah.. Thanks.." You say letting a small smile run across your face. You see new marks on his neck and curl your toes in frustration. "How was work?" You say, you know he goes to see other girls behind your back. He thinks you don't know but you are just to silly to leave him. "It was good." He says as Minnie runs out and jumps on the couch. Your boyfriend Jimin came to give you a kiss but you turned away. He tired to grab your wrist but you moved your arm before he did. "Jagiya, what's wrong?" He says with a concerned look you know was fake, "J-Jimin..Sit down." You said biting the inside of your lip. Jimin say down and instantly knew that you found out. "Y/N I'm sorry I-" "Shut it Jimin." You said as anger flashed in your eyes. "How long were you going to hide this from me?" You said tears wanting to come out. You sallied the painful lump in your throat as you looked at him. He didn't answer. "PARK JIMIN FUCKING ANSWER ME!" You yelled your anger taking over. "Y-y/n I was going to telling you but I was to scared to.." He said quietly. You have never in your life raised your voice at him our his six friends. "Really Jimin what if I got pregnant and you were still running around and fucking people off the side of the road." You stood up and looked at him. "Get out.." You said your face red with anger because he was just sitting their saying nothing. "Y/n come on I will stop!" Jimin said standing up slowly. "GET OUT!" You screamed the tears now falling as he walked out slamming the door behind him.

Two weeks later*

You woke up to a whole bunch of text from Jimin saying to hear him out and he will stop blah blah blah. You texted your best friend Rap Monster about everything that happened that night and right when he read it he was at your door. "Y/N-ah open the door it's me Namjoon" you opened the door and smiled. You hugged him as tight as you can and walk him over to the couch. He put the food he brought over in the kitchen then you sat by him and smiled laying your head on his shoulder.

*Namjoon POV*

Y/n opened the door and my heart instantly started pounding. How could Jimin cheat on such a beautiful girl. Maybe I can make my move now Namjoon moved closer to y/n and put his arms around her causing her face to land on his chest. "Y/n I know this might now be the right time b-but I like you a lot.." I said it I finally said it!she blushing she looks so cute blushing!

*normal pov*

Y/n looked up at Namjoon her face red from what he just said. "R-really?" "Yes really" Namjoon said moving closer to her face. Their lips were about to touch then the front door flew open.
Ok this is a new story I hope u like it look at my recent card
I love it! but wae you gotta go and leave me like that?!😭❤️❤️❤️
man you cant leave it like that come back!!!! lol